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UK Fluids Network Newsletter
Issue 19 (13/7/18)
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Welcome to Issue 19 of the UK Fluids Network newsletter, a regular 
summary of the Network's activities and news from the UK Fluids 

To receive this newsletter, please sign up to the mailing list at 

We welcome your input and comments, or suggestions for new content in 
the newsletter – please use the form on https://fluids.ac.uk/connect or 
email info at fluids.ac.uk.

1. Website

GDPR and the missing fluids researchers (Repeat)
In order to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), 
which came into operation on 25 May, we emailed everyone who was 
registered on the UKFN website beforehand, to obtain their consent to 
display their personal data on the Directory page and, by extension, to 
list them as SIG members (which relies on having registered).
We had a surprisingly good response, with approximately 800 out of 1100 
users either clicking on the email link or confirming directly. However, 
this means that the missing 300 people will not appear in Directory 
searches and – perhaps more visibly – will be absent from the member 
lists of SIGs they belong to, until we have received their consent.
If you have not given your consent you can restore your visibility on 
the UKFN website:
• Either click on your version of the link that was emailed to you 
previously (it is of the form 
‘https://fluids.ac.uk/users/terms/accept/123’), whereupon you will be 
taken to the UKFN home page and your response acknowledged;
• Or email Nick Daish directly at info at fluids.ac.uk.

2. UK Fluids Network mailing list (Repeat)

Important: the mailing list operates independently of the list of 
registered users, i.e. you will remain on the mailing list, and continue 
to receive this monthly newsletter and the weekly bulletin (see below) 
whether or not you gave consent on personal data use, since the mailing 
list only requires your email address, which is not made public.
As noted above, we have started a weekly bulletin, which is sent to the 
mailing list each Friday afternoon. It is a useful way to circulate 
time-critical messages (in addition to Twitter) on a weekly basis in 
between the monthly newsletters.
Please send any items for inclusion in the weekly bulletin by Friday 
noon at the latest by emailing info at fluids.ac.uk. Posts made to the 
‘All’ mailing list by members will not be circulated directly, but the 
contents will be added to the weekly bulletin.
Posts will be repeated in the regular monthly newsletter, if still 

3. UK Fluids Network photo/video competition #4 

We are pleased to announce a new photo/video competition.

This competition will not have a specific theme, so all fluids-related 
photos and videos are eligible.

As ever, the best photo and video will each receive a prize of £200, and 
the winners are chosen with a combination of popular vote and panel of 
judges. Full details may be found on https://fluids.ac.uk/competition/.

The closing date is 31 July 2018.

4. ERCOFTAC Osborne Reynolds Day 2018 

Registration is free (https://tinyurl.com/or18-final-extn-register) but 
there are a limited number of places left.

The winner of the prize for best oral presentation at Osborne Reynolds 
will be nominated for inclusion in the pan-European Da Vinci Prize 
competition, which is held as part of the ERCOFTAC Autumn Festival, 
(https://www.ercoftac.org/events/ercoftac_autumn_fest/), this year 
taking place in Warsaw, 18-19 October 2018.

5. UK Fluids Conference 2018 

Registration remains open, but the early bird rate is no longer 

Further news will be publicized in the newsletter, on the UKFN website 
and via Twitter.

6. Short Research Visits (https://fluids.ac.uk/srv)

Any UK fluids researcher – PhD student, postdoc, PI, industrial 
collaborator – can apply for a Short Research Visit grant to spend 1-2 
weeks with another researcher or group, and UKFN will cover up to £1000 
of your travel, subsistence and accommodation expenses. Previous visits 
have been used to develop a mathematical model, share an experimental 
facility or advance a numerical technique. The SRV page on the website 
contains full details of how to apply, plus summaries of all SRVs and 
reports on completed visits.

The next deadline for SRV proposals is 31 July 2018.

7. ERCOFTAC conferences and workshops 

ERCOFTAC is involved in the organization and promotion of many 
conferences and workshops relevant to the UK fluids community. The 
following take place over the next few months.

• 14th International Workshop on Measurement and Computation of 
Turbulent Flames
27-28 July 2018, Dublin, Ireland

• Waves in Flows Summer School and Workshop
27-31 August 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

• Conference on Modelling Fluid Flow (CMFF’18)
4-7 September 2018, Budapest, Hungary

• XXIII Fluid Mechanics Conference 2018
9-12 September 2018, Zawiercie, Poland

• 12th International ERCOFTAC Symposium on Engineering Turbulence 
Modelling and Measurements (ETMM12)
26-28 September 2018, Montpellier, France

• CFD for Dispersed Multi-Phase Flows 2018 with Problem Shooting Session
15-16 October 2018, Warsaw, Poland

8. Forthcoming workshops and conferences (What’s On & Tweets)

(a) Summer School on 'An introduction to gradient-based optimisation, 
adjoint methods and Automatic Differentiation'
8-10 August2018, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge

(b) 6th International Advanced Course on Liquid Interfaces, Drops and 
Sprays (LIDESP VI)
4-7 September 2018, Technical University of Vienna

(c) Chemical Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Network: Nanotechnology for 
Energy and the Environment
6-7 September 2018, Burlington House, London

(d) ENIUS training school ‘Computational approaches to ureteric stent 
11-12 September 2018, Mathematical Institute, Oxford

(e) Workshop on Multiscale Modelling of Wetting Phenomena
12-13 September 2018, Durham University

(f) Workshop on 'Droplets and sprays in automotive and non-automotive 
18-19 September 2018, University of Oxford

(g) Particulate matter flows – marine sector
20 September 2018, Newcastle University

(h) High-Fidelity Industrial LES/DNS (HiFiLeD) Symposium – Paving the 
Way for Accurate CFD
14-16 November 2018, Brussels

• Please contact us by Friday, 10 August 2018 if you would like to 
advertise a workshop or conference in the next newsletter.

9. Open PDRA, faculty and other positions

PhD studentships
(a) PhD, Applied Mathematics Research Centre, Coventry University
The nonlinear states of convection in the Earth's core
Ref: https://tinyurl.com/phd-core-convection-cov
Closing date: Open till filled

(b) PDRA, Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge
High resolution vehicle emissions modelling
Ref: https://tinyurl.com/pdra-magic-emissions
Closing date: 20 July 2018

(c) PDRF, Department of Mathematics, University of Surrey
Multi-scale fluid dynamics
Ref: https://jobs.surrey.ac.uk/vacancy.aspx?ref=049418
Closing date: 5 August 2018

(d) PDRA, School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Nottingham
Computational modelling of flow through porous media
Ref: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/jobs/currentvacancies/ref/SCI224118
Closing date: 6 August 2018

(e) PDRA, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, University 
of Sheffield
Experimental fluid dynamics (nanomaterials)
Ref: https://tinyurl.com/pdra-sheffield-nano
Closing date: n/a

Academic staff
(f) Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in Civil Engineering, Department of 
Architecture & Civil Engineering, University of Bath
Closing date: 22 July 2018

• Please contact us by Friday, 10 August 2018 if you would like to 
advertise open PDRA, faculty and other positions in the next newsletter.

10. Help wanted

(a) Request for articles to appear in special issue of Polymers
Ben Xu, Northumbria University

• Please contact us by Friday, 10 August 2018 if you would like to post 
a request for assistance in the next newsletter.
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