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If you would like to circulate a brief message to the UKFN mailing list,
please send it to info at fluids.ac.uk by Thursday noon.  


FROM: Nick Daish, 1/8/19
SUBJECT: Fluids mini videos 

Tom Crawford (https://tomrocksmaths.com/) has created bite-sized videos
on some fascinating fluids problems.  

How does Stone Skipping work?

Air Pollution Risk of Cooking Oil Droplets

Vortex Ring Collisions and Transition to Turbulence

How to Make Water Music - Slap, Plunge, Plow!

The Science behind the Olympic Biathlon Skiing Champion

Brazil Nut Effect in Avalanches and Cereal

How do Bubbles Freeze?

How do Insects Walk on Water?

How Strong is an Avalanche?

Levitating Objects on an Air Table

How do Citrus Fruits Create such a Strong Smell?

How do Dandelions Spread their Seeds? [1]

FROM: Nick Daish, 1/8/19
SUBJECT: Your research interests and application areas on the UKFN

If you have registered with UKFN on the website, and entered details
about yourself, we would be grateful if you could revisit the research
interests and application areas you gave and prioritise them so that
there are no more than 10 of each (and less if you can). This will
expedite searches of the Directory of UK fluids researchers

If you are UK-based and have not yet registered, but would like to (and
we encourage you to do so!), simply click on 'Login' in the top
right-hand corner, select 'Create an account' and using the forms
provided enter your details, which will then be immediately available to
Directory searches. Please note that your email address is not displayed
publicly; it is simply used as your login ID.  

Thank you! 



FROM: Anne Herrmann, University of Cambridge, 29/7/19
SUBJECT: 9th International Biofluid Mechanics And Vascular
Mechanobiology Symposium 

Date: 13-16 February 2020
Location: Tucson, Arizona, USA
Links: https://9thbiofluids.com/ (website),
https://tinyurl.com/9th-biofluids-flyer (flyer)
Abstract submission closes 15 August 2019; early bird rates available
till 15 October 2019. 


FROM: Mark Quinn, University of Manchester, 30/7/19
SUBJECT: Lecturer in School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil

Topic:  Aero/Space Engineering
Details: https://www.jobs.manchester.ac.uk/DisplayJob.aspx?JobId=17692 
Closing date: 2 September 2019 

FROM: Scott Hosking, British Antarctic Survey, 30/7/19
SUBJECT: 2-year position for Data Scientist in BAS Artificial
Intelligence Lab 

Topic:  Climate hazards

Closing date: 8 September 2019 

FROM: Andrew Clarke, Schlumberger, 1/8/19
SUBJECT: Graduate Modelling Scientist position in Cambridge 

Topic:  Complex Fluids
Closing date: Open till filled 


[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqwqndQEBYc
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