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FROM: Nick Daish, University of Cambridge, 6/8/21
SUBJECT: UKFN photo/video competition #11 - UPDATE - OPEN COMPETITION
We are throwing open the latest competition to all photo and video
entries, on any topic. If you would like the chance to win £200, send us
your photos and videos by the new closing date of 31/08/21. Go to the
Competitions section of https://fluids.ac.uk/connect or see
https://bit.ly/ukfn-comp11-open-instr for full details of how to submit
your entries. 


FROM: Claire Savy, University of Leeds, 6/8/21
SUBJECT: Call for LIFD Visiting Fellows
Our LIFD Visiting Fellows scheme aims to attract distinguished scholars
from around the world to work with LIFD. Fellows are normally invited to
spend between one and three months at the University of Leeds; longer
stays may also be possible subject to funding. Fellows will have full
library access and IT support, office space in one of our Schools and
will be able to access suitable Laboratories and High Performance
Computing to support their research. We expect Fellows to deliver an
LIFD colloquia talk and we encourage visitors to proactively engage with
our postgraduate students and wider LIFD research activity during their
31/7/22: 30/9/21
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3xnJNsi 


FROM: Neil Sandham, University of Southampton, 6/8/21
SUBJECT: UK Fluids Conference: The provisional programme for the UK
Fluids Conference (online edition via gather.town) is now available at
(under the programme tab). Registration is still possible via the same
site. Note for conference attendees: please check that you have received
the programme via e-mail. If you haven't, it means your registration
e-mail was incorrect and you will need to contact ukfluids at soton.ac.uk
to get it fixed before the conference starts. 

FROM: Jamie Townsend, International Society for Computational Fluid
Dynamics (ISCFD), 6/8/21
SUBJECT: ISCFD Online Webinar - Dr Ricardo Vinuesa (KTH)
Dr Ricardo Vinuesa from Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan (KTH) will deliver
the next online lecture as part of the ISCFD guest speaker series. His
talk is entitled: Artificial Intelligence, CFD and Sustainability.
Registration is free (and always will be) and a Zoom link will be sent
to registered attendees.
EVENT DATE: Friday 20 August 2021, 15:00 BST
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3yssmbm   


FROM: Edward Smith (Brunel University), James Ewen (Imperial) and
Matthew Borg (Edinburgh), 30/7/21
SUBJECT: The second special interest group on _Non-Equilibrium Molecular
Dynamics_ will be held virtually on the 6th September  2021 as a
collaborative event between Brunel, Imperial and Edinburgh universities.
Taking advantage of being online, we are planning a programme of
international speakers together with sessions for submitted talks. These
include world-leading experts in the field. The latest programme is
available on the SIG website along with the sign-up link. We would like
to welcome anyone from the wider UKFN community who would like to learn
more about performing fluid simulation with molecular dynamics.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3x8RQJ7 
EVENT DATE: 6/9/21 

FROM: Stephen Longshaw, UKRI-STFC, 26/7/21
SUBJECT (1): The latest SPH SIG virtual seminar was held on the 21st of
July and saw 5 great talks from UK and international SPH researchers.
The talks from this, and previous SPH SIG seminars, are all available on
our YouTube channel [2] and an overview can be seen on the SIG's UKFN
website [3].
SUBJECT (2): The SPH SIG is starting a new type of event, the so-called
_deep-dive_ lectures will see SPH researchers from around the UK and
internationally talking in-depth about their work involving SPH. There
are currently three of these lined up, the first on the 25th of August
2021 by Dr Matthieu Schaller of Leiden University (registration [4]);
the second by Dr Jack King of the University of Manchester (registration
[5]) and the third by Dr Sivakumar Kulasegaram of Cardiff University
(registration [6]). Details of each can be found on the respective
registration pages and the main UKFN SIG website [3]. 


FROM: Chris Pain, Imperial College London, 3/8/21
SUBJECT: Research Assistant/Research Associate - Applied Modelling and
Computation Group
TOPIC: This post will contribute to various projects which are concerned
with air quality, such as 'Health assessment across biological length
scales for personal pollution exposure and its mitigation' (INHALE [7]),
and airborne virus transmission projects. The candidate will use the
latest developments in Artificial Intelligence and Computational Fluid
Dynamics to model urban air flows using fluid dynamics.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3jpMHHO and please contact c.pain at imperial.ac.uk
for informal enquiries.
CLOSING DATE: 13/8/21 

FROM: Glen McHale, University of Edinburgh, 31/7/21
SUBJECT: 3-year postdoc position in the Institute for Multiscale
Thermofluids, funded by EPSRC 
TOPIC: Liquid-like coatings, Wetting, Microfluidics - Experiment and
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2TRHiR6
CLOSING DATE: 30/8/21 

FROM: Alistair Revell, University of Manchester, 29/7/21
SUBJECT: British Heart Foundation Accelerator Fellowship (2 positions)
TOPIC: We seek applicants for two 24-month BHF Accelerator Fellowships,
to deliver transformative research in priority areas including cardiac
physiology, heart failure and hypertension. Applicants with
engineering/maths background and strong interdisciplinary research track
record are encouraged to apply.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/374xshU and please contact
alistair.revell at manchester.ac.uk for informal enquiries.
CLOSING DATE: 13/8/21 

FROM: Ignazio Maria Viola, University of Edinburgh, 28/7/21
SUBJECT: Research Associates in the Fluid Mechanics of Morphing Blades
TOPIC: Experimental Fluid Dynamics
DETAIL: https://bit.ly/3xei11l 
CLOSING DATE: 9/8/21 (17:00 UTC+1) 

FROM: Nilanjan Chakraborty, Newcastle University, 26/7/21
SUBJECT: Research Assistant/Associate
TOPIC: Modelling Multiphase Jet Flows
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2VhmeE0 

FROM: Andrew Hogg, University of Bristol, 23/7/21
SUBJECT: Lectureship in Applied Mathematics
TOPIC: We are seeking to appoint an outstanding applied mathematician,
in the broadest sense, that will support or complement the research
activities of the Institute for Applied Mathematics in the School of
Mathematics at the University of Bristol. Currently, the Institute has
research activity in complex materials, dynamical systems, fluid
dynamics, soft matter, and theoretical biophysics. A characteristic of
the Institute is its outward looking approach to research, indicated by
the fact that all of these areas benefit from collaboration outside the
Institute, both within the School of Mathematics, and University wide.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3rJnkEF  

FROM: Alistair Revell, University of Manchester, 22/7/21
SUBJECT: Lecturer in Engineering Simulation & Data Science 
TOPIC: We seek applications for a permanent position at the interface of
computational engineering and data science, with particular focus on
physics-informed machine learning and data science techniques for
engineering simulation. Applications from candidates able to demonstrate
relevance of their research to The University's themes of 'Clean Growth'
and 'Digital Engineering & Manufacturing' are particularly welcomed.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3y0YYbK 
CLOSING DATE: 24/8/21 

FROM: David Roberts, Aircraft Research Association, 21/7/21
SUBJECT: Graduate and Senior Aerodynamics Engineer positions
TOPIC: Working within the Aerodynamics team at ARA, the successful
candidate will be expected to lead and support a wide variety of
commercial and research projects from inception to completion. This
position will be focused on supporting our experimental testing and any
experience of commercial wind tunnel applications and advanced
measurement techniques would be highly regarded.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/36QwkhR 
CLOSING DATE: 1/10/21 

FROM: Claire Savy, University of Leeds, 19/7/21
Subject: Research Fellow
TOPIC: Climate modelling
DETAIL: https://bit.ly/3wSjWZ2

FROM: Claire Savy, University of Leeds, 19/7/21
Subject: Research Fellow
TOPIC: Fluid Dynamics
DETAIL: https://bit.ly/3wZ2aDK
CLOSING DATE: 15/8/21 

FROM: Julien Landel, University of Manchester, 19/7/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD for Home & EU applicants (international
applicants need to cover the rest)
TOPIC: We are accepting applications for a 3.5-year PhD position in
Fluid Mechanics at the University of Manchester. The project is on
"Optimal mixing for confined heterogeneous reaction in NMR
spectroscopy". The student will be jointly supervised by Dr Julien
Landel (Mathematics) and Dr Jordi Bures (Chemistry). Interested students
are encouraged to contact julien.landel at manchester.ac.uk for informal
DETAILS:  [8]https://bit.ly/3xrhmJY [8]

FROM: Vladimir Nikora, University of Aberdeen, 17/7/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents)
TOPIC: Effect of secondary currents and very large scale motions on
mixing in open-channel flows
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3wV3ozx 
CLOSING DATE: open-until-filled (preferably before 30/11/21) 

FROM: Vladimir Nikora, University of Aberdeen, 17/7/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents)
TOPIC: Effect of secondary currents and very large scale motions on
water surface dynamics in open-channel flows 
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3iAAJe5 
CLOSING DATE: open-until-filled (preferably before 30/11/21) 

FROM: Mark Stewart, University of Aberdeen, 14/7/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents)
TOPIC: Hydrodynamic Performance of Billfish Skin Surface Roughness:
Towards Drag-Reducing Engineering Surfaces
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3hOQq2l 
CLOSING DATE: open-until-filled 

FROM: Andy Woods, University of Cambridge, 13/7/21
SUBJECT: iCASE PhD Opportunity
TOPIC: Modelling Flow processes in Carbon Sequestration 
DETAILS: This project will involve the development of models of the flow
of carbon dioxide through a saline aquifer as part of the process of
carbon capture and storage to decarbonise large industrial emissions of
CO2.  The modelling is directed towards developing approaches to
maximise the pore space accessed by the CO2, so as to improve the
efficiency of the trapping of CO2 in the formation. The project will
involve working with experts in industry involved in developing CCS
projects in the North Sea.
CLOSING DATE: Contact andy at bpi.cam.ac.uk in the first instance 

FROM: Andy Woods, University of Cambridge, 13/7/21
SUBJECT: PhD Opportunity 
TOPIC: Modelling the Decarbonisation of St Johns College
DETAILS: This fully funded project will involve the development of
models and a roadmap for the decarbonisation of St Johns College through
the combination of various low energy systems to provide heating,
including ground source heat pumps, hybrid heating and distributed
heating systems, as well as the possible use of heat storage systems.
The successful student will be directly involved in informing future
plans for the college. 
CLOSING DATE: Students with a 1st in Maths, Physics or Engineering
disciplines should contact andy at bpi.cam.ac.uk

FROM: Simone Hochgreb, University of Cambridge, 5/7/21
SUBJECT:  Postdoctoral position in Rouen, France/Cambridge, UK
TOPIC: Simulation of droplet combustion in laminar and turbulent flows
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/postdoc-sh-dolfin 
Closing date: 31/8/21 

FROM: Dr Marco Placidi, University of Surrey, 22/6/21
SUBJECT: SCENARIO/NERC Ph.D. position in Aerodynamics and Environmental
TOPIC: 'The effect of multi-scale roughness on the structure of
atmospheric turbulence'
DETAILS: Please contact Dr Marco Placidi (m.placidi at surrey.ac.uk)
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Debasish Das, University of Strathclyde, 21/6/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD
TOPIC: We are accepting applications for a 3-year position for a PhD
studentship in Mathematics at University of Strathclyde. The project
topic is "Electrohydrodynamics of Droplet Pairs". The student will be
jointly supervised by Dr Debasish Das and Prof. Stephen Wilson.
Interested students are encouraged to contact debasish.das at strath.ac.uk
for informal questions.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/35Gya44
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Sean Symon, University of Southampton, 14/6/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship
TOPIC: Data-driven simulations for predicting and controlling separated
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2TMVb2s 
Closing date: Open until filled 

FROM: Zhong-Nan, University of Birmingham, 8/6/21
SUBJECT: PhD Studentship
TOPIC: Turbulence-generated noise
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3gGCHZF
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Julien Reboud, University of Glasgow, 23/4/21
SUBJECT: Microfluidic Engineer position at start-up company EpiLAB in
TOPIC: Integrating microfluidics into portable diagnostic kit for
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/epilab-job-tb-kit 
CLOSING DATE: Send CV and short letter to Clément Dubois
(c.dubois at epilab.io) as soon as possible 


[2] https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCE9-2jeqLv_g02zicTaogmQ
[3] https://fluids.ac.uk/sig/SPH
[7] https://www.imperial.ac.uk/earth-science/research/inhale/
[8] https://bit.ly/35Gya44
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