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UKFN weekly round-up 19/2/21

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FROM: Nick Daish, 19/2/21
SUBJECT: UKFN Thesis Competition 2021 

We are pleased to announce UKFN is once again holding a competition for
the best fluids thesis examined in the UK during 2020, with a prize of
£500 for the winner. Nominations are now being accepted at
competition at fluids.ac.uk, with a closing date of 30 APRIL 2021. Full
details are given here [2]. 

FROM: Nick Daish, 19/2/21
SUBJECT: UKFN photo/video competition #10 

A new UKFN photo/video competition is now open for submissions on the
theme of 'COMPUTED FLOWS'. If you would like the chance to win £200,
send us your photos and videos by the closing date of 31 MARCH 2021. Go
to the Competitions section of https://fluids.ac.uk/connect for full
details of how to submit your entries. 

FROM: Nick Daish, 19/2/21
SUBJECT: Videos 

There is one new fluids seminar recording (full list of recordings at
https://fluids.ac.uk/talks under 'Recorded talks'): 

Collective Performance Benefits and Flow-Mediated Equilibrium for
Schooling Swimmers [3]
Melike Kurt (Southampton), 2/2/21

We also have some more fluids shorts from Tom Crawford

How do Stinging Nettles Inject Poison? [4] 

Underwater Robots based on the Loch Ness Monster [5] 

Simulations of Mixing Fluids [6] 

How do Cloaking Devices Work? [7] 

How Do Snakes Catch Their Prey Underwater? [8] 

How do Birds Fly in Strong Winds? [9] 

How do Sperm Swim? [10] 


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FROM: Paul Linden, University of Cambridge, 18/2/21
SUBJECT: Fluid Mechanics in the Spirit of G.K. Batchelor
EVENT DATE: 29-31/3/21
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/37tVvr4 (registration essential) 

FROM: Claire Savy, University of Leeds, 17/2/21
SUBJECT: LIFD/JFM/UKFN/DAMTP seminar series, Mattia Gazzola, University
of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA, "Harnessing viscous streaming in
complex active systems: mini-bots in fluids"
EVENT DATE: 26/2/21
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3jIAiPd  

FROM: Ran Holtzman, Coventry University, 3/2/21
SUBJECT: InterPore 2021 conference: session on Interfacial phenomena in
multiphase systems (MS6-B) 
EVENT DATE: 31/5-3/6/21, online (Abstract submission deadline: 9/2/21)
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3jl9IeD 

FROM: Ian Wilson (University of Cambridge) and Julien Landel (University
of Manchester), 30/1/21
SUBJECT: Workshop on the "Roadmapping of Quantitative Understanding and
Modelling of Celaning and Decontamination". This EPSRC-funded Workshop
is for all stakeholders involved in cleaning and decontamination
problems, whether as practitioners, experts or researchers. The format
will be either a hybrid in-person/online meeting, if the Covid-19
situation permits, or fully online.
EVENT DATE: 20-22/4/21 (Registration of interest by 13/3/21)*
DETAILS: https://www.modcad.org/

FROM: Chris MacMinn, University of Oxford, 29/1/21
SUBJECT: Call for abstracts for mini-symposium "MS4: Swelling and
shrinking porous media" at InterPore 2021. Abstracts are welcomed on
experimental, theoretical, and numerical work to help us better
understand flow and transport during swelling/shrinking of porous media
due to thermal, mechanical, or chemical stimuli. Deadline for
submission: 8/2/21 
EVENT DATE: 31/4/21-4/6/21
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/39Jgasy 


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FROM: Oliver Buxton, Imperial College London 16/2/21
SUBJECT: Postdoc position in experimental fluid mechanics/wind energy (3
years duration)
TOPIC:  Experimental investigation of turbulent entrainment into
turbulent wind-turbine wakes 
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3s50bvA 

FROM: Anne Bernassau, Heriot-Watt University, 15/2/21
Subject: 2 year NERC funded Research Associate position
Topic: Environmental Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Acoustofluidics
of Marine Microplastics
Details: https://bit.ly/3ba0Rc2
Closing date: 28/2/21 

FROM: Rob Dorrell, University of Hull, 12/2/21
Subject: 24 month Research Fellow position
Topic: Interaction of downslope gravity currents with cross-slope
contour currents
Details: https://bit.ly/3s299ts 
Closing date: 8/3/21 

FROM: Gavin Tabor, University of Exeter, 12/2/21
Subject: Lecturer post
Topic: Computational Engineering (Education and Research) 
Details: https://bit.ly/3s6ewYj 
Closing date: 3/3/21 

FROM: James Sprittles, University of Warwick, 11/2/21
Subject: 8 month Research Fellow position
Topic: Computational Modelling of Microflows (flexible)
Details: https://bit.ly/3qgzJhJ
Closing date: 28/2/21 

FROM: Tze Pei Chong, Brunel University London, 10/2/21
SUBJECT: Research Fellow in Aeroacoustics
TOPIC: Use of adaptive porous surface for the reduction of aerofoil
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/374ZnOU  

FROM: Richard Whalley, Newcastle University, 10/2/21
SUBJECT: Research Associate in Experimental Fluid Dynamics (3 years)
TOPIC:  Project ENABLE [11]: Developing and Exploiting Intelligent
Approaches for Turbulent Drag Reduction
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/374CQC8

FROM: Richard Whalley, Newcastle University, 10/2/21
SUBJECT: PhD CASE studentship (EPSRC & DORC Ltd)
TOPIC: Project OCULUS: Flow variation during vitrectomy with vacuum
versus fluid flow controlled aspiration systems
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3qaHx4G 
CLOSING DATE: 28/2/21 
FROM: Timm Krueger, University of Edinburgh, 5/2/21 

SUBJECT: PhD CASE studentship (industrial co-funding and participation)
TOPIC: Optimising a microfluidic assay for sepsis diagnostics by
combining numerical simulations with machine learning
Details: https://bit.ly/39SznZb 
CLOSING DATE: 28/2/21 

FROM: Pierre Ricco, University of Sheffield, 2/2/21 

SUBJECT: PhD studentship fully-funded for 3.5 years
TOPIC: Fluid Mechanics
Details: http://bit.ly/phd-sheff-trib-flyer,

FROM: Hannah Kreczak, Newcastle University, 1/2/21
SUBJECT: EPSRC Doctoral Prize Fellowship 
TOPIC: The Fellowship is an opportunity for the very best EPSRC-funded
PhD students to receive 24 months of additional support following their
PhD. It is expected that the appointed Fellow will commence their
position in the 2021/22 academic year.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/39HAIld 
FROM: Doug Parker, University of Leeds, 1/2/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded EPSRC PhD studentship 
TOPIC: A new Lagrangian approach to modelling of density currents
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3pMNaWr
CLOSING DATE: 22/3/21  
FROM: Sylvain Laizet, Imperial College London, 29/1/21
SUBJECT: Research Assistant / Associate in Computational Fluid Dynamics
Topic:  The project aims to develop, implement and exploit machine
intelligence paradigms to enable a new approach to wall-turbulence

From: Debasish Das, University of Strathclyde, 27/1/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD in University of Strathclyde
TOPIC: Electrohydrodynamics of Droplet Pairs
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2YkmIHG

CLOSING DATE: 14/3/21 

FROM: Claire Savy, University of Leeds, 27/1/21
SUBJECT: EPSRC CDT Fluid Dynamics, Up to 10 funded PhD places for 2021
TOPIC: Fluid Dynamics (various)
 DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3koqcBv 

FROM: Ignazio Maria Viola, University of Edinburgh, 23/1/21
SUBJECT: PhD Scholarship on fluid structure interaction
TOPIC: Bio-inspired morphing blades for wind and tidal turbines 
DETAILS: https://edin.ac/2LO3Z4T
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled. Applications reviewed from 1/2/21. 

FROM: Alice Thompson, University of Manchester, 22/1/21
Subject: Fully funded, experimentally-focused, PhD project
Topic: Control-Based Exploration of Disordered Systems
Details: https://tinyurl.com/UoM-bubble-control
Closing date: Open until filled  
FROM: James Sprittles, University of Warwick, 18/12/20 
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD in Mathematics Institute
TOPIC: A Mathematical Modelling Framework for 3D Printing 
DETAILS: http://bit.ly/2WpFEnB 
CLOSING DATE: First come, first served. 

FROM: Yasser Mahmoudi, University of Manchester, 11/12/20
Subject: Ph.D. in Machine Learning and CFD 
Topic: A Machine Learning Approach for Prediction of Turbulent Flow in
Porous Media
Details: https://bit.ly/2KCUnJi 
Closing date: 29/3/21  

FROM: Edward Hart, University of Strathclyde, 2/12/20 
SUBJECT: PhD position between the Universities of Strathclyde (UK),
Boulder (Colorado) and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory
TOPIC: Impacts of Atmospheric Turbulence on Wind Turbine Main-Bearing
Function and Failures
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2JQ9mPl  


[2] http://bit.ly/ukfn-thesis21-instr
[3] https://sms.cam.ac.uk/media/3427913
[4] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvvmGmat55Q
[5] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2616GWx3HA
[6] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EuRau-W7eAM
[7] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05PU09qUP4c
[8] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aijOVMEnsqM
[9] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vGLTqoz-YGw
[10] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8bBQnSlQk8
[11] https://gow.epsrc.ukri.org/NGBOViewGrant.aspx?GrantRef=EP/T020946/1
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