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*Summarising the value of Fluid Dynamics to the UK economy and society
(for both academics and industry staff) - deadline end of January 2021*

In order give a more accurate response to government, funding agencies
and investors on the current and future impact of the fluids sectors in
the UK the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics (LIFD) would be grateful
for your responses to this short survey. With Brexit, Covid-19 and a new
industry strategy due shortly it is vital we can present compelling
evidence of the growth, exports and investment of industry and research
foci and industrial engagement of the research community.  Responses are
welcome from those working with fluids in industry and academia at any
level.   Academic or industrial orientated questions are determined by
which sector you identify with, within the survey.  No organisational or
individual identifiable info is requested. The outputs will be published
mid 2021 with the first full assessment of the size of the fluids
industry in the UK and made available to all. The survey should take
around 20 minutes to complete. 

Survey: https://bit.ly/35eN3uM  


FROM: Dan Curtis, Swansea University, 7/1/21
Subject: British Society of Rheology Mid-Winter Meeting, theme of the
meeting is "Recent advances in non-conventional rheometry", accepted
abstracts encompass new approaches for measuring and controlling
rheological properties of materials with relevance to a wide range of
applications including manufacturing, healthcare, and polymer processing

EVENT DATE: 18-19/1/21 (Deadline for registration 12pm (GMT) 11/1/21) 
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/35lfp6p  


FROM: George Papadakis, Imperial College London, 5/1/21 
SIG: Flow Instability  

On 15th January, Matthew Juniper will run a 1 day course via Zoom on
adjoint methods in Thermoacoustic Instability. It is aimed at new PhD
students and requires Matlab. If you would like to attend, please email
Matthew Juniper directly (mpj1001 at cam.ac.uk). The course will cover:

1. Introduction
 - the physical mechanisms involved in thermoacoustic instability
 - why thermoacoustic instability is so sensitive to parameters
 - motivation for using adjoints in thermoacoustics
2. Governing equations of a model thermoacoustic system
 - governing equations, from first principles
 - 1D model of a Rijke tube
 - travelling wave method
 - coding the travelling wave method
 - solving the nonlinear eigenvalue problem
3. Matlab exercises on the travelling wave method
4. Finite Difference and Finite Element methods for solving
thermoacoustic problems
5. Using adjoints to calculate eigenvalue drift for linear and nonlinear
eigenvalue problems.
6. Matlab tutorial on adjoints in thermoacoustic eigenvalue problems
7. Important technical points about using adjoints
8. Gradient-based optimization with adjoints 


FROM: Sebastian Timme, University of Liverpool, 8/1/21
SUBJECT: PhD Studentship
TOPIC: Advancing Net Zero Geo-Engine Technology for Future Energy
Resource Extraction
DETAILS: https://tinyurl.com/y2xn8fd7
CLOSING DATE: 15/1/21 

FROM: Nilanjan Chakraborty, Newcastle University, 8/1/21 

SUBJECT: Postdoctoral research associate position for 3 years
TOPIC: CFD: Direct Numerical Simulations of Premixed Flame-Wall
Interaction in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Details: https://bit.ly/3s5AlZ3  

FROM: Chris MacMinn, University of Oxford, 5/1/21
Subject: Associate Professorship of Engineering Science 
TOPIC: Civil Engineering - Fluid Mechanics
Details: https://bit.ly/2JS0aKU  
CLOSING DATE: 25/1/21 

FROM: Zhihua Xie, Cardiff University, 4/1/21
Subject: Research Associate in Numerical Simulation of Wave-Structure
TOPIC:  Computational fluid dynamics of water waves and their impact
with fixed and moving structures
Details: https://bit.ly/2JGBkxk 

FROM: Yifan Li, Northumbria University, 4/1/21
SUBJECT: PhD studentship (International + Home) [2] + other CDT
opportunities (mainly for UK candidates)
TOPICS: Lab on Chip, Droplet Microfluidics, Soft Material printing,
Renewable Energy (CDT)
DETAILS: Please email: yifan.li at northumbria.ac.uk
CLOSING DATE: 29/1/21 

FROM: David Emerson, UKRI Science & Technology Facilities Council,
SUBJECT: Computational Scientist at Daresbury Laboratory, Warrington, UK
TOPIC: A 3-year position for a scientist to join the computational
engineering group in the Scientific Computing Department at STFC's
national laboratory in Warrington. The job offers multiple opportunities
with the candidate specialising in Computational Fluid Dynamics,
Structural Mechanics or coupled modelling, ideally with a significant
interest in software development and design, especially for
High-Performance Computing platforms. 
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3pfyr5J
CLOSING DATE: 31/1/21 
FROM: James Sprittles, University of Warwick, 18/12/20 
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD in Mathematics Institute
TOPIC: A Mathematical Modelling Framework for 3D Printing 
DETAILS: http://bit.ly/2WpFEnB 
CLOSING DATE: First come, first served. 

FROM: Richard Loveday, University of Nottingham, 15/12/20
Subject: CFD Research Associate/Fellow 
TOPIC: Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and far-field noise prediction
methods to investigate novel design concepts for noise control
CLOSING DATE: 22/1/21 

FROM: Ignazio Maria Viola, School of Engineering, University of
Edinburgh, 15/12/20
Subject: Two Research Associate positions in Fluid Mechanics of Morphing
TOPIC: Fluid Structure Interaction, CFD (1st position) and experiments
(2nd position)
Details: https://edin.ac/2LDU1T8
CLOSING DATE: 12/1/21 

FROM: Svetlana Aleksandrova, Coventry University, 15/12/20
SUBJECT: Fully funded (GCRF) PhD project, international applicants
TOPIC: Swirling flows for air and water filtration
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2IXoeLP 
CLOSING DATE: 25/1/21  

FROM: Jenny Wong, Universite de Lyon, 14/12/20
Subject: Postdoctoral position (2 years)
Topic: Penetrative convection: experiments on a rotating table; Fluid
dynamics - Geophysics - Convection
Details: https://bit.ly/38ijNUK 
Closing date: 31/1/21 (extended) 

FROM: Yasser Mahmoudi, University of Manchester, 11/12/20
Subject:  Ph.D. in Machine Learning and CFD 
Topic: A Machine Learning Approach for Prediction of Turbulent Flow in
Porous Media
Details: https://bit.ly/2KCUnJi 
Closing date: 29/3/21  

FROM: Thibault Congy, Northumbria University, 10/12/20
Subject: Competition Funded PhD Project
Topic: Nonlinear wave description of transient jökulhlaup flows
Details: https://bit.ly/3ndLKDe; Contact
thibault.congy at northumbria.ac.uk
Closing date: 18/1/21 

FROM: Suzanne Fielding, Durham University, 9/12/20
Subject: ERC funded PhD studentships at Durham: Soft Matter and
Biological Physics (two studentships)
Topic: Statistical mechanics and rheology of yield stress materials,
including active matter such as biological tissues (ERC Advanced Grant
Details: https://bit.ly/2W5yjta 
Closing date: 22/1/21 

FROM: Julien Landel and Oliver Jensen, University of Manchester, 8/12/20
Subject: Research Associate position
TOPIC: Fluid Mechanics Modelling PDRA position on surfactant-laden
turbulent flows over superhydrophobic surfaces
Details: https://bit.ly/34aqBT9
CLOSING DATE: 15/1/21 

FROM: Zhiwen Luo, University of Reading, 7/12/20
TOPIC: Airborne infection risk in complex urban environments: modelling,
mapping and mitigation
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3oB2STQ 
CLOSING DATE: 22/1/21  

FROM: Ed Llewellin, Durham University, 7/12/20
Subject: 18-month PDRA project
Topic: Multi-scale investigation of rheology and emplacement of
multi-phase lava (volcanological fluid dynamics)
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2VSieXA 
CLOSING DATE: 17/1/21 

FROM: Soroush Abolfathi, University of Warwick, 5/12/20
SUBJECT: PhD Studentship
TOPIC: Dynamics of pollution transport in constructed wetlands:
identification and quantification of underlying physical mechanisms of
solute and solid (microplastic) transport
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2W8JTE1  
CLOSING DATE: 11/1/21 

FROM: Soroush Abolfathi, University of Warwick, 5/12/20
SUBJECT: PhD Studentship
TOPIC: The fate of microplastics in aquatic environments: Effect of
Size, Shape, and Density
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3oBMx0W 

FROM: Martin Brinkmann, Northumbria University, 3/12/20 
SUBJECT: Funded PhD Project
TOPIC: Controlling directional spreading on smart surfaces
DETAILS: https://tinyurl.com/y3mgd38n [3]  
CLOSING DATE: 29/1/21  

FROM: Matteo Carpentieri, University of Surrey, 3/12/20
TOPIC: The aerodynamics of skyscrapers: tall building clusters and the
urban environment
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3ga3XPi 
CLOSING DATE: 22/1/21 

FROM: Edward Hart, University of Strathclyde, 2/12/20 
SUBJECT: PhD position between the Universities of Strathclyde (UK),
Boulder (Colorado) and the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory
TOPIC: Impacts of Atmospheric Turbulence on Wind Turbine Main-Bearing
Function and Failures
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2JQ9mPl  

FROM: Pavlos Aleiferis, Imperial College London, 1/12/20
SUBJECT: Two Lecturer/Senior Lecturer Positions
TOPIC: Fluid Dynamics (micro and nano scale using experimental
techniques); Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2HYawYy; https://bit.ly/2JCtl3W   
CLOSING DATE: 31/12/20 

FROM: Alexandros Askounis, University of East Anglia, 1/12/20
SUBJECT: Competition funded PhD studentship
TOPIC: Development of novel drug delivery methods using piezoelectric
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/33yCodD 

FROM: Soroush Abolfathi, University of Warwick, 27/11/20
SUBJECT: PhD Studentship
TOPIC: Multiphase Flows in Engineered Porous Media
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2VugWSm [4] 
CLOSING DATE: 18/1/21 

FROM: Daniel Chung, University of Melbourne, 24/11/20
Subject: PhD and postdoc research opportunities
Topic: Experimental and computational, in wall turbulence over roughness
and riblets
Details: https://bit.ly/33lykNA 
Closing date: 15/1/21 

FROM: Marco Placidi, University of Surrey, 24/11/20
Subject: SCENARIO/NERC Ph.D. position in Aerodynamics and Environmental
Topic: The effect of non-neutral winds on wind power aerodynamics
Details: https://bit.ly/2JizlP7 
Closing date: 22/1/21

From: Alan Robins, University of Surrey, 24/11/20
Subject: Two short-term PDRA positions in the MAGIC project
Topic: Environmental flows - wind tunnel studies, result analysis, and
Details: Please contact Prof. Alan Robins (a.robins at surrey.ac.uk) or Dr
David Birch (d.birch at surrey.ac.uk), and consult http://www.magic-air.uk/
Closing date: Open until filled 

FROM: Miguel Teixeira, University of Reading, 16/11/20
SUBJECT: Fully funded PhD Studentship, with CASE support, within the
SCENARIO DTP ( Reference: SC2021_24 )
TOPIC: Meteorology - 'Trapped lee waves as a source of low-level drag on
the atmosphere'
DETAILS:  https://tinyurl.com/y53dpbyu and https://tinyurl.com/y2osun67
CLOSING DATE: 22/1/21  

FROM: Claire Savy, University of Leeds, 13/11/20
SUBJECT: EPSRC CDT Fluid Dynamics, Up to 10 funded PhD places for 2021
TOPIC: Fluid Dynamics (various)
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3koqcBv 


[4] https://bit.ly/2VugWSm
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