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FROM: Nick Daish, 23/9/2021
SUBJECT: 'Our Fluid Nation' report - launch event
The launch took place on 15th September of the newly-published report
'Our Fluid Nation -  the impact of fluid dynamics in the UK',
commissioned by UKFN and the Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics. The
report is available here [2], and a recording of the launch event here

FROM: Nick Daish, 30/9/2021
SUBJECT: UK finalists in ERCOFTAC Da Vinci Competition 
Congratulations to C. Ricardo Constante-Amores (Imperial College London)
and Miguel Angel Quetzeri-Santiago (Queen Mary University of London) for
being selected for the final of the ERCOFTAC da Vinci awards, to be held
at Sapienza Università di Roma on 7th October 2021. Details of the event
may be found here [4]. 


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FROM: Cenertec, 28/9/2021
SUBJECT: International short course 'Fluidized beds for conversion of
solid fuels' (2nd edition)
EVENT DATE: Online/live 30/9/2021, 1/10/2021, 7/10/2021, 8/10/2021;
1200-1600 BST
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/fluid-beds-course-leckner  

FROM: Early Career Researchers' Forum of LIFD, University of Leeds,
SUBJECT: LIFD Early Career Researchers' Fluid Talks: Seminars have
resumed and will run through November. All Early Career Researchers in
fluids are welcome to attend. This term's talks will cover the topics of
bubbles/droplets, active matter, and AGFD. Talks are at 4pm each month.
The next talks are from Smitha Maretvadakethope (Liverpool) and
Maximilian Eggl (Max Planck Institute). Register to receive Zoom links
prior to each talk.
EVENT DATES: 27/10/2021, 24/11/2021
DETAILS:  https://bit.ly/fluidecr-autumn-2021,
https://tinyurl.com/FluidECR  (registration) 

FROM: James Dalby and Sophie McLauchlan, University of Strathclyde,
SUBJECT: Strathclyde Liquid Crystal Reading Group: a reading group aimed
at PhD students and early-stage post-docs researching liquid crystals
from all disciplines.
EVENT DATE: 28/10/2021, 10:30-14:30 BST
DETAILS:  https://bit.ly/strath-lcrg-majumdar  

FROM: Isaac Newton Institute, 06/9/2021
SUBJECT: Mathematical aspects of turbulence: where do we stand?
EVENT DATE: January- June 2022
DETAILS: The fifth of these workshops (to take place 16-20th May 2022),
'Advances in geophysical and astrophysical turbulence', is currently
accepting applications:  https://bit.ly/3toPhSX. Please see the links
below for further details and to complete an application. Workshop
details and application form: https://bit.ly/3BWbtXT. Programme
overview: https://bit.ly/3BT6M0K 

FROM: Claire Savy, University of Leeds, 18/8/2021
SUBJECT: LIFD Colloquium (online), Droplet dynamics in the presence of
gas nanofilms: merging, wetting, bouncing & levitation, Professor James
EVENT DATE: 6/10/2021, 14:00 BST
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3geJhaj  

FROM: Lars Davidson, Flow Sim, 12/8/2021
Subject: Large Eddy Simulation (LES), hybrid LES-RANS, Detached Eddy
Simulation (DES) and unsteady RANS. LES is suitable for bluff-body flows
or flows at low Reynolds numbers. To extend LES to cover industrial
flows at high Reynolds numbers, new approaches (hybrid LES-RANS, DES,
URANS, SAS, PANS, PITM) must be used. They are all based on a mix of LES
and RANS. The course will give an introduction to LES and these new
methods. LES, or any of the new approaches, is the first step when
performing accurate CAA (Computational Aero-Acoustics) The lectures will
be given on-line (Live) using Zoom. During the workshops, the
participants will get supervision in a joint Zoom room which will enable
participants to learn from each others questions. Part of the
supervision may also be given in individual break-out Zoom rooms.
Lectures will be given in the mornings; in the afternoons there will be
workshops using Python (recommended), Matlab or Octave. The participants
must have a PC/Mac/Desktop with one of these software installed. In the
workshops, the participants will use Python/Matlab/Octave for analyzing
analyzing SGS models, SAS, PANS, DES and DDES. Scripts will be use for
generating isotropic and anistropic (non-isotropic) synthetic turbulent
fluctuations for inlet boundary conditions and embedded LES.
Event date: 22,24 and 26/11/2021
Details: http://www.cfd-sweden.se/


FROM: Stephen Longshaw, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics, 29/9/2021
SUBJECT: SPH SIG Deep-dive Talk #2 - Dr Jack King (University of
Manchester) on 'A generalised framework for consistent mesh-free schemes
and bridging the gap between SPH and high-order finite difference
EVENT DATE: 20/10/2021, 14:00 BST
DETAILS: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/164823837535  


FROM: Christina Vanderwel, University of Southampton, 29/9/2021
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Experimental Fluid Mechanics
TOPIC: PIV/PLIF experiments simulating urban air pollution
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/pdrf-soton-vanderwel 
CLOSING DATE: 17/10/2021 

FROM: Julia Yeomans, University of Oxford, 28/9/2021
SUBJECT: Up to three Leverhulme-Peierls Fellowships in Theoretical
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/leverhulme-peierls-fellows 
CLOSING DATE: 18/10/2021, noon (UK time) 

FROM: Zahir Hussain, University of Leicester, 20/10/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship
TOPIC: Advanced Computational Study of Swirling Flow in a 3D Lined Duct
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/phd-leic-hussain 
CLOSING DATE: 20/10/21 

FROM: Angus Morrison, University of Queensland, Australia, 21/9/2021
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Sustainable Minerals Institute
TOPIC: Multiphase experimental and computational fluid dynamics
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/morrison-uq 
CLOSING DATE: 4/10/2021 

FROM: Mauro Mobilia, University of Leeds, 17/9/2021
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Applied Mathematics
TOPIC: Eco-Evolutionary Dynamics of Fluctuating Populations
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/rf-leeds-pop (position);
https://bit.ly/leeds-pop-dyn-fluc (project)
CLOSING DATE: 30/9/2021 

FROM: Bo Li, University of Kent, 16/9/2021
SUBJECT: Short-term Research Associate (6 months, part-time only)
TOPIC: Phase change cooling modelling in high current density electric
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/ra-kent-li-elec 
CLOSING DATE: 15/10/2021 

FROM: John Tsamopoulos, University of Patras, Greece, 8/9/2021
SUBJECT: PhD fellowship through a Marie-Curie programme
TOPIC: Modelling and flow of elasto-viscoplastic materials
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/esr-patra-tsam
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled, but no later than 30/9/2021 

FROM: Vivek Ranade, University of Limerick, 05/9/2021
SUBJECT: Fully funded 4-year PhD studentship (Start date: January 2022)
TOPIC: 'Factory in a Box' for Personalised Products based on Emulsions
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3DWPm5u 
CLOSING DATE: 15/10/2021 

FROM: Ruchi Gupta, University of Birmingham, 5/9/2021
SUBJECT: Research Fellow in Ultrasonic Levitation
TOPIC: We are advertising for a PDRA position in our research group on
ultrasonic levitation
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3tl0l3G 
CLOSING DATE: 30/9/2021

FROM: Mike Graham, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 25/8/2021 

SUBJECT: Postdoctoral positions in Graham group, College of Engineering
TOPIC: Fluid dynamics, dynamical systems and machine learning
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/graham-uwm-us-postdocs  


FROM: Vladimir Nikora, University of Aberdeen, 11/8/2021
SUBJECT: Professor in Energy transition, University of Aberdeen
TOPIC: Applications involving hydraulics and fluid mechanics in energy
transition developments are welcome
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3sjddqA 
CLOSING DATE: 30/9/2021 

FROM: David Roberts, Aircraft Research Association, 21/7/2021
SUBJECT: Graduate and Senior Aerodynamics Engineer positions
TOPIC: Working within the Aerodynamics team at ARA, the successful
candidate will be expected to lead and support a wide variety of
commercial and research projects from inception to completion. This
position will be focused on supporting our experimental testing and any
experience of commercial wind tunnel applications and advanced
measurement techniques would be highly regarded.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/36QwkhR 
CLOSING DATE: 1/10/2021

FROM: Vladimir Nikora, University of Aberdeen, 17/7/2021
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents)
TOPIC: Effect of secondary currents and very large scale motions on
mixing in open-channel flows
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3wV3ozx 
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled (preferably before 30/11/2021) 

FROM: Vladimir Nikora, University of Aberdeen, 17/7/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents)
TOPIC: Effect of secondary currents and very large scale motions on
water surface dynamics in open-channel flows 
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3iAAJe5 
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled (preferably before 30/11/2021) 

FROM: Mark Stewart, University of Aberdeen, 14/7/2021
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents)
TOPIC: Hydrodynamic Performance of Billfish Skin Surface Roughness:
Towards Drag-Reducing Engineering Surfaces
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3hOQq2l 
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Andy Woods, University of Cambridge, 13/7/2021
SUBJECT: iCASE PhD Opportunity
TOPIC: Modelling Flow processes in Carbon Sequestration 
DETAILS: This project will involve the development of models of the flow
of carbon dioxide through a saline aquifer as part of the process of
carbon capture and storage to decarbonise large industrial emissions of
CO2. The modelling is directed towards developing approaches to maximise
the pore space accessed by the CO2, so as to improve the efficiency of
the trapping of CO2 in the formation. The project will involve working
with experts in industry involved in developing CCS projects in the
North Sea.
CLOSING DATE: Contact andy at bpi.cam.ac.uk in the first instance 

FROM: Andy Woods, University of Cambridge, 13/7/2021
SUBJECT: PhD Opportunity 
TOPIC: Modelling the Decarbonisation of St Johns College
DETAILS: This fully funded project will involve the development of
models and a roadmap for the decarbonisation of St Johns College through
the combination of various low energy systems to provide heating,
including ground source heat pumps, hybrid heating and distributed
heating systems, as well as the possible use of heat storage systems.
The successful student will be directly involved in informing future
plans for the college. 
CLOSING DATE: Students with a 1st in Maths, Physics or Engineering
disciplines should contact andy at bpi.cam.ac.uk

FROM: Debasish Das, University of Strathclyde, 21/6/2021
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD
TOPIC: We are accepting applications for a 3-year position for a PhD
studentship in Mathematics at University of Strathclyde. The project
topic is "Electrohydrodynamics of Droplet Pairs". The student will be
jointly supervised by Dr Debasish Das and Prof. Stephen Wilson.
Interested students are encouraged to contact debasish.das at strath.ac.uk
for informal questions.
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/35Gya44
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Sean Symon, University of Southampton, 14/6/2021
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship
TOPIC: Data-driven simulations for predicting and controlling separated
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/2TMVb2s 
Closing date: Open until filled 

FROM: Zhong-Nan, University of Birmingham, 8/6/2021
SUBJECT: PhD Studentship
TOPIC: Turbulence-generated noise
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3gGCHZF
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 


[2] https://bit.ly/our-fluid-nation-final
[3] https://youtu.be/FbPAuOmXqkg
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