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FROM: Nick Daish, 01/12/2022
SUBJECT: NEW Photo/Video competition - now open for submissions
DETAILS: We are pleased to announce a new competition, open to all
UK-based fluids researchers, for the best new photo and video on any
fluids-related topic, i.e. this is an open competition. The winning
photo and video will each receive a prize of £200. Full details of how
to enter may be found on the UKFN Connect page
https://fluids.ac.uk/connect under 'Competitions', which also lists past
winners in the 'Photo and Video Competition Archive'. The closing date
is 31 JANUARY 2023. 



FROM: Anna Simpson, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 30/11/2022
SUBJECT: Nominations now open for Batchelor Prize 2024
DETAILS: Nominations for the 2024 Batchelor Prize can now be submitted
by email to JFMprize at cambridge.org. Check the prize page [1] for
details, requirements and conditions for the nomination process.
Nominations close 31/05/2023 and the prize winner will be announced late
in 2023. The Batchelor Prize, founded and sponsored by the Journal of
Fluid Mechanics (awarded under the auspices of IUTAM) is presented once
every four years at the International Congress of Theoretical and
Applied Mechanics (ICTAM), the next occasion being in Daegu, Korea in
August 2024.  

FROM: Jian Fang, Science and Technology Facilities Council, 25/11/2022
SUBJECT: Special Issue of _Fluids_ 'Next-Generation Methods for
Turbulent Flows'
DEADLINE: 30/04/2023
DETAILS: In the near future, it is expected that there will be
breakthroughs in high-performance computation, numerical methods, CFD
software, machine learning, optical measurements, and so on. The
research of turbulent flows is expected to be boosted by these novel
methods. The focus of this Special Issue of _Fluids_ is on the
discussion of novel technologies and methods for both the study of
fundamental turbulent flows and their applications in engineering. More
information may be found here [2]. 

FROM: Ignazio Maria Viola, University of Edinburgh, 24/11/2022
SUBJECT: Call for manuscripts - Scientific Reports collection on
Biofluid Dynamics
DETAILS: On behalf of Dr David Murphy, I would like to remind you of a
special collection on Biofluid Dynamics in Scientific Reports. The
deadline for submission is 31/12/2022, and the link to submit a
manuscript is here [3]. 

FROM: Mirco Magnini, University of Nottingham, 18/11/2022
SUBJECT: Self-paced open-access OpenFOAM training for beginners
DETAILS: A self-paced OpenFOAM training course is available open-access,
and covers the fundamentals of CFD simulations using OpenFOAM from
solving simple heat conduction problems, to fluid flow and two-phase
multiphase flows using interface capturing methods, also covering
mini-lectures on more advanced topics. The training is arranged in a
Virtual Machine that already includes a working installation of
OpenFOAM, and provides test cases and a slideshow with all the
tutorials. All the material is available here [4]. 

FROM: Rasool Erfani, Manchester Metropolitan University, 29/09/2022
SUBJECT: Special Issue 'Flow Control Actuators and Their Diverse Fluid
Dynamic Applications'
DEADLINE: 20/01/2023
DETAILS: Most studies involving flow control tend to focus on the
understanding of flow physics caused by devices and on the optimization
of the performances of these devices. In addition to aerodynamics, these
actuators have been used for different settings. We invite investigators
to contribute original research articles and review articles addressing
flow control actuators that facilitate advances in aircraft use or
introduce new horizons for their applications. More information may be
found here [5]. 


FROM: Andrew Baggaley, Newcastle University, 13/10/2022
NAME OF SERIES: UK Quantum Webinar Series
ORGANISERS: Newcastle, Strathclyde, UEA, Lancaster
SCHEDULED TIME: Tuesday at 16:00 (UK)
HOW TO JOIN: See https://uk-quantum-fluids-network.github.io/webinars/ -
contact an organiser (see list at bottom of the above web page) and
we'll add you to the mailing list. 


FROM: Konstantinos Kontis, University of Glasgow, 01/12/2022
SUBJECT: UK Fluids Conference 2023
DATE: 17-19 October 2023
DETAILS: This is an early announcement of next year's UK Fluids
Conference, which will take place in Glasgow and is being organised
jointly by University of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde. The
conference co-chairs are Konstantinos Kontis (Glasgow) and Marco Fossati
(Strathclyde). Please watch for further information. 

FROM: Svetlana Aleksandrova, University of Leicester, 28/11/2022
SUBJECT: Meeting on 'Technology challenges for addressing urban air
quality' - update
DATE: 7 December 2022
DETAILS: The above meeting of the Special Interest Group in Particulate
Matter Filtration Flows will take place at the University of Nottingham,
starting at 10:00 (arrival from 09:45). All are welcome. Full details
are in the Agenda [6]. If you intend to come, please complete the
registration form [7], as we need it to plan the catering (lunch and
coffee breaks provided).  

FROM: Gordon Gilja, University of Zagreb, 21/11/2022
SUBJECT: Submit an abstract to EGU23, Session GM 2.8 'Assessing and
monitoring geomorphic processes across scales'
DATE: 23-28 April 2023, Vienna, Austria
DETAILS: The session has been part of the EGU General Assembly programme
continuously since 2017, and we are excited to be included in the
programme for next year's meeting as well. Further details are given
here [8]. Session conveners are: Gordon Gilja, Anita Moldenhauer-Roth,
Rui Miguel Ferreira, Zhixian Cao & Thomas Pähtz. Deadline for abstract
submission is 10 JANUARY 2023. 

FROM: Khellil Sefiane & Daniel Orejon, University of Edinburgh,
SUBJECT: 11th International Conference on Boiling and Condensation Heat
Transfer (ICBCHT11), University of Edinburgh
DATE: 15-17 May 2023
DETAILS: The ICBCHT11 focuses novel fundamental phenomena and processes
in boiling and condensation both at the fundamental level, fluid
dynamics and heat transfer including also practical applications. 
Information and details on submissions, deadlines, venue, the city, etc.
may be found at https://icbcht11.eng.ed.ac.uk/. Email any further
queries to icbcht11 at ed.ac.uk. 

FROM: Kate Robinson, Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 10/11/2022
SUBJECT: UK Fluids Machine Learning and Special Interest Group Meeting
DATE: 12-13 December 2022
DETAILS: This conference, hosted by Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics
and organised with the UK Fluids Network, is devoted to the discussion
of data-driven methods in all branches of fluid dynamics for a range of
applications. Invited speakers include Paola Cinella, Georgios Rigas,
Taraneh Sayadi, Jacob Page, Luca Magri. Contributed presentations (talks
and posters) on both methods/algorithms and applications will be
included. There will be an award for the best presentation for each
topic and an invitation to submit a paper to Data-Centric Engineering
(Cambridge University Press).
You can book for this event by following this link [9], which also gives
details of the meeting location. Contact info:
fluids-institute at leeds.ac.uk. 

FROM: Rachel Bennett, University of Bristol, 08/11/2022
SUBJECT: IOP meeting 'Mechanics and Motility of Cells', University of
DATE: 7 December 2022, 09:00-17:00
DETAILS: This 1-day meeting in Bristol will showcase the latest research
in understanding various aspects of cell mechanics and motility. Full
details may be found here [10]. 

FROM: Nick Daish, ERCOFTAC UK Pilot Centre, 01/11/2022
SUBJECT: 3rd High Fidelity Industrial LES/DNS Symposium, Brussels,
DATE: 14-16 December 2022
DETAILS: This is the final event of the Horizon 2020 HiFi-TURB project
[11]. Full details of the symposium, including link to registration, may
be found here [12]. 

FROM: Matthew Juniper, ECOFTAC UK Pilot Centre, 31/10/2022
SUBJECT: ERCOFTAC Spring Festival, Vienna
DATE: 11-12 May 2023
DETAILS: https://www.ercoftac.org/events/ercoftac-spring-festival-2023/
Further information will be available in due course. 

FROM: Chris Ness, University of Edinburgh, 13/09/2022
SUBJECT: Formative Formulation 3 - an early career event for formulation
scientists in academia & industry
DATE: 9 December 2022, 08:30-16:00 GMT
DETAILS: Formulation scientists combine fluid mechanics, soft matter
physics and chemistry to generate valuable products from raw materials.
Formative Formulation 3 is a conference and networking event for EARLY
CAREER formulation scientists. It is a platform for sharing scientific
work and developing your professional network. The meeting will be held
at the University of Edinburgh; further details are here [13].  


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FROM: Timm Krüger, University of Edinburgh, 01/12/2022
SUBJECT: PhD studentship in Precision Medicine DTP
TOPIC: Blood flow and solute transport in human placental
microvasculature: an _in silico_ approach to stratifying pregnancy
DETAILS: The project will be supervised jointly by Dr Timm Krüger
(Engineering, Edinburgh), Prof Miguel Bernabeu (Medicine, Edinburgh) and
Dr Igor Chernyavsky (Maths, Manchester). Full project details and the
link to apply are here [14].
CLOSING DATE: 11/01/2023  

FROM: Arash Hamzehloo, Imperial College London, 01/12/2022
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD Studentship in Department of Aeronautics
TOPIC: Turbulence and drag parameterisations in urban canopy layers
using scale-resolving simulations and machine learning
DETAILS: Studentship details [15]; application link [16]; contact
a.hamzehloo at imperial.ac.uk 
CLOSING DATE: 06/01/2023 (noon) 

FROM: Otti Croze, Newcastle University, 28/11/2022
SUBJECT: Fully-funded 3.5-year PhD Studentship (NERC One Planet DTP,
2023/24 entry)
TOPIC: Environmental biophysics of microalgal migration in snow
DETAILS: Apply here [17]
CLOSING DATE: 16/01/2023  

FROM: Magda Carr, Newcastle University, 25/11/2022
SUBJECT: PhD Opportunity with NERC OnePlanet DTP
TOPIC: Laboratory modelling of internal solitary waves and sea-ice
DETAILS: Project description [18]. Please apply through ONE Planet DTP
CLOSING DATE: 16/01/2023 

FROM: Magda Carr, Newcastle University, 25/11/2022
SUBJECT: PhD Opportunity with AURA CDT
TOPIC: Experimental and numerical modelling of the interaction between
internal solitary waves and offshore wind infrastructure
DETAILS: Project description [20]. Please apply through Aura CDT [21].
CLOSING DATE: 04/01/2023  

FROM: Sepideh Khodaparast, University of Leeds, 22/11/2022
SUBJECT: Competition-funded PhD Studentship (open to all nationalities,
including UK)
TOPIC: Fabrication of antibacterial nanopatterned coatings inspired by
wings of insect
DETAILS: Full details are given here [22].
CLOSING DATE: 13/01/2023 

FROM: Wahbi El-Bouri, University of Liverpool, 15/11/2022
SUBJECT: Fully-funded 4-year PhD Studentship in MRC DiMeN DTP
TOPIC: THROMB-AI: Computational risk stratification of thrombus
formation and lysis in post-stroke patients
DETAILS: FindAPhD [23]. MRC funding offers extensive research training
support grants and flexible funding awards
CLOSING DATE: 13/01/2023 

FROM: Juan Li, King's College London, 10/11/2022
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentships (UK students only) in Department
of Engineering
TOPIC: Fluid mechanics in bio-inspired flight/swimming and renewable
energy systems
CLOSING DATE: Open till filled 

FROM: Felix Leach, University of Oxford, 04/11/2022
SUBJECT: 3.5-year Research studentship (DPhil) in Department of
Engineering Science
TOPIC: Ammonia sprays and mixing (modelling or experimental)

CLOSING DATE: 09/12/2022. Studentship starts October 2023. 

FROM: Mykola Tasinkevych & Lucas Goehring, Nottingham Trent University,
SUBJECT: PhD studentship in School of Science and Technology
TOPIC: Active colloids at structured surfaces
DETAILS: This PhD opportunity will combine analytical calculations,
multi-scale simulations and _in vitro_ experiments to develop systems
that control the motion of active catalytic colloids using chemically
patterned surfaces, in order to steer their trajectories. More details
and application instructions are available here [24], or contact
mykola.tasinkevych at ntu.ac.uk or lucas.goehring at ntu.ac.uk.
CLOSING DATE: 12/01/2023 

FROM: Nicholas Treleaven, Safran Group, 11/10/2022
SUBJECT: Two 3-year PhD studentships working in France, starting January
TOPIC: Turbulent combustion of hydrogen for aircraft propulsion (project
DETAILS: Seeking two candidates: (1) an experimental project aimed at
measuring the emission of NOx in turbulent hydrogen flames using laser
diagnostics, located at Paris-Saclay and (2) building turbulent
combustion models for hydrogen-air flames from high resolution DNS and
LES simulations, located at Poitiers. Candidates will preferably have
experience with laser diagnostics for (1) or high performance computing
for (2) with the usual preference for those with a background in fluid
mechanics, combustion or related fields. Follow these links for
descriptions of the positions (1) [25] and (2) [26].
CLOSING DATE: Open till filled, but looking for students who can start
early 2023. 

FROM: Jack King, University of Manchester, 12/08/2022
SUBJECT: Fully Funded PhD Studentship (European/UK only)
TOPIC: Accelerating mesh-free combustion simulations with machine
CLOSING DATE: Open till filled 

FROM: Andy Woods, University of Cambridge, 06/07/2022
SUBJECT: PhD Opportunity at BP Institute
TOPIC: Modelling electrolysis and bubble growth dynamics
DETAILS: We are excited to announce a new PhD opportunity in modelling
the generation, growth and separation of bubbles from an electrode
during hydrogen generation by electrolysis. The PhD will involve
experimental and theoretical modelling to quantify the rate limiting
factors on the process.
CLOSING DATE: Contact andy at bpi.cam.ac.uk in the first instance. Please
apply through the University of Cambridge Board of Graduate Studies. 


FROM: Hadi Zolfaghari, University of Cambridge, 30/11/2022
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral Researcher, based in Cardiac Surgery Group, St
George's University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (SPF Funded), 18
TOPIC: Patient-specific CFD assessment of aortic flows in a spectrum of
aortic valve pathologies
DETAILS: Please contact Hadi Zolfaghari (hz382 at damtp.cam.ac.uk) as soon
as possible.
CLOSING DATE: 20/12/2022 (noon)  

FROM: Ling Qian, Manchester Metropolitan University, 29/11/2022
SUBJECT: Postdoc position in Department of Computing and Mathematics
TOPIC: A coupled CFD analysis of floating offshore wind turbine
aerodynamics and hydrodynamics
DETAILS: Link [27]. Position is initially 6 months, with possible
extension to 12 months
CLOSING DATE: 12/12/2022  

FROM: George Papadakis, Imperial College London, 28/11/2022
SUBJECT: Research Assistant/Associate in Department of Aeronautics
TOPIC: Inverting Turbulence: Flow Patterns and Parameters from Sparse
DETAILS: Link [28]
CLOSING DATE: 14/12/2022  

FROM: Marinos Manolesos, City, University of London, 24/11/2022
SUBJECT: 3-month Wind Tunnel testing position
TOPIC: Aeroelastic instabilities of solar panels
DETAILS: https://www.jobs.ac.uk/job/CUP352/research-assistant
CLOSING DATE: 15/12/2022  

FROM: David Henry, University College Cork, 16/11/2022
SUBJECT: Post-Doctoral Researcher, School of Mathematical Sciences (SFI
TOPIC: Ocean flow induced by internal wave-current interactions
CLOSING DATE: 02/12/2022 (noon) 

FROM: Peter Read, University of Oxford, 16/11/2022
SUBJECT: PDRA in Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (initially 3 years)
TOPIC: Development and utilisation of a new laboratory experiment to
investigate the structure and properties of turbulent convection with
rapid rotation, exploring cross-disciplinary insights and applications
relevant to both planetary interiors and turbomachinery design. 
DETAILS: Full details may be found here [29]. 
CLOSING DATE: 16/12/2022 (noon) 

FROM: Ran Holtzman, Coventry University, 15/11/2022
SUBJECT: EPSRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow (UK & International)
TOPIC: Nonequilibrium flow in disordered media: Memory, hysteresis, and
energy dissipation
DETAILS: Seeking an enthusiastic, curiosity-driven researcher with
interest in both computations and experiments; further details may be
found here [30].
CLOSING DATE: 13/01/2023 

FROM: Ben Xu (Northumbria) on behalf of Prof Xuehua Zhang, University of
Alberta, 17/10/2022
SUBJECT: Alberta Innovates (AI) Postdoctoral Recruitment Fellowships
TOPIC: Prof Zhang's group in University of Alberta is seeking a PDRA,
through the AI Programme, to work on the broad scientific areas of soft
matter, surface/interface, droplets, bubbles, fluid dynamics,
micro-fluidic engineering, evaporation and condensation, sustainable
engineering, etc. For an initial discussion, please contact
xuehua.zhang at ualberta.ca.
DETAILS: Full details of the Fellowships may be found here [31].
CLOSING DATE: 15/12/2022. Please also note carefully the details under
'Application Procedures' regarding deadlines. 

FROM: Melissa Fowler, University of Oxford, 17/10/2022
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mathematical Institute
TOPIC: Machine Learning and Computational Fluid Dynamics
DETAILS: https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/node/61510
CLOSING DATE: 07/12/2022 


FROM: Matthew Juniper, University of Cambridge, 25/11/2022
SUBJECT: University Assistant/Associate Professor in Department of
TOPIC: Energy Technologies
DETAILS: https://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/37202/ 
CLOSING DATE: 16/01/2023 

FROM: Ian Wilson, University of Cambridge, 17/11/2022
SUBJECT: Assistant Professor in Department of Chemical Engineering and
TOPIC: Fluid Mechanics
DETAILS: https://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/37198/
CLOSING DATE: 06/01/2023 

FROM: Colm-cille Caulfield, University of Cambridge, 10/11/2022
SUBJECT: Assistant Professor in Department of Applied Mathematics and
Theoretical Physics
TOPIC: Fluid Dynamics and Sustainability
DETAILS: https://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/38101/
CLOSING DATE: 06/01/2023 

FROM: Julia Yeomans, University of Oxford, 25/10/2022
SUBJECT: Associate Professor (or Professor) in Department of Physics
TOPIC: Theoretical Soft Matter/Biophysics
CLOSING DATE: 01/12/2022 (noon) 


FROM: Sophie Lavers, on behalf of Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd, 26/10/2022
SUBJECT: Thermo-Fluid Modelling and Analysis Opportunities
DETAILS: Rolls-Royce SMR Ltd is designing a Small Modular Reactor (SMR)
to deliver a market-driven, affordable and low carbon power generation
capability. We currently have various positions in the fields of fluid
dynamics and heat transfer that would suit graduates and postgraduates
with background in thermo-fluid modelling and analysis from system
analysis to Computational Fluid Dynamics. Further details are available
here [32].
CLOSING DATE: Open till filled 

FROM: Marco Pietropaoli, TOffeeAM, 18/08/2022
SUBJECT: Junior and Senior positions in (a) CFD and (b) Machine Learning
TOPIC: Additive Manufacturing
DETAILS: The following positions are available at TOffeeAM. 

(a) CFD positions
Junior CFD Analyst / Software Developer [33], Senior CFD Analyst /
Software Developer [34]
Contact: m.pietropaoli at toffeeam.co.uk  

(b) Machine Learning positions
Machine Learning Engineer [35], Senior Machine Learning Engineer [36]
Contact: a.gaymann at toffeeam.co.uk  

CLOSING DATE: Open till filled 


[1] https://www.cambridge.org/jfm/batchelor/info
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[10] https://www.iop.org/events/mechanics-and-motility-cells
[11] https://www.numeca.com/hifiturb-horizon2020-project
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[30] http://www.ranholtzman.com/positions.html
[32] https://www.rolls-royce-smr.com/careers/vacancies/204119kch
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