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FROM: Matthew Juniper 17/3/2022 
SUBJECT: National Fellowships in Fluid Dynamics  

EPSRC has launched a call for 8-12 National Fellowships in Fluid
Dynamics (NFFDy) 
MEMBERS OF THE UK FLUIDS COMMUNITY: You can propose ideas to inspire
potential applicants at https://padlet.com/NFFDy/Community 
POTENTIAL APPLICANTS: You can propose ideas to find potential
collaborators in the UK at https://padlet.com/NFFDy/Applicants_Ideas 

FROM: Nick Daish, 23/2/2022 

SUBJECT: UKFN Thesis Competition 2022 

We are pleased to announce UKFN is once again holding a competition for
the best fluids thesis examined in the UK during 2021, with a prize of
£500 for the winner. Nominations are now being accepted at
competition at fluids.ac.uk, with a closing date of 30 April 2022. Full
details are given here <https://bit.ly/ukfn-thesis-2022-instr> [1]. 

FROM: Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 16/2/2022 

SUBJECT: ECR survey for UK Fluids National Initiative (DEADLINE



FROM: Claire McNamara, Imperial College London, 1/2/22 

SUBJECT: Free Access to National Wind Tunnel Facility. 

DETAILS: The National Wind Tunnel Facility is committed to supporting
early stage researchers. With this in mind, we wish to trial the
provision of free access to facilities for a set number of days each
year.  To learn more about how to apply for free access to wind tunnels,
please see the T&Cs here
[3]or contact the NWTF Project Manager at cmcnamar at ic.ac.uk. This
initiative is aimed at testing ideas quickly and easily before applying
for larger research grants. For a full list of wind tunnels, visit the
NWTF website at NWTF.ac.uk [4]<http://nwtf.ac.uk/> [5]. 


FROM: Timm Krüger, University of Edinburgh, 10/3/22 

SUBJECT: IOP workshop titled "Microrheology and Transport in Complex
Biological Media" 

DATE: 16-18 May 2022 

DETAILS: https://iop.eventsair.com/cbm2022 [6] 

FROM: Martin Hyde, TSI Instruments Ltd, 25/2/22 

SUBJECT: Ideal Fiber Laser Technology for LDV and PDPA Measurements 

DATE: 6th April 2022 

DETAILS: Ideal Fiber Laser Technology for LDV and PDPA Measurements |

FROM: EUROMECH, 18/2/2022 

SUBJECT: 14th European Fluid Mechanics Conference, Athens 

DATE: 13-16 September 2022 

DETAILS: https://www.efmc14.org [8]/ 

FROM: Brian Launder (Chair, Organizing Committee), 20/2/22 

SUBJECT: Registration now open for 17th UK Heat Transfer Conference 

DATE: 4-6 April 2022 

Early bird registration for this, the UK's major biennial heat transfer
conference (covering forced, natural and mixed convection) is now open.
Held on-line via the celebrated Gather platform, the conference provides
exceptional opportunities to hear more than 100 paper presentations,
download the electronic proceedings and engage in one-on-one discussions
with other conference participants. For research students not presenting
a paper, a specially reduced registration fee of £120 applies for all
registrations up to the final registration deadline of March 28th. 

DETAILS: https://ukhtc2021.org/ [9] 

FROM: Matthew Juniper, ERCOFTAC UK Pilot Centre, 10/2/2022 

SUBJECT: Osborne Reynolds Day competition 2022 

The 2022 Osborne Reynolds competition will take place at the University
of Manchester on Friday, 1st July 2022. PhD students and recent doctoral
graduates from all UK universities are eligible to enter. Candidates
should submit 3-page sole author summaries to Matthew Juniper
(mpj1001 at cam.ac.uk) and Adel Nasser (a.g.nasser at manchester.ac.uk) by 5pm
Friday, 8th April 2022.  

Full details are available at

FROM: Shuisheng He, University of Sheffield 

SUBJECT: UK Fluids Conference 2022 

Event date: 6-8 September 

DETAILS:  The UK Fluids Conference 2022 will be held at The University
of Sheffield, Sheffield, during 6-8 September. The event will feature a
combination of invited talks, contributed talks and poster sessions with
networking opportunities. Abstracts are invited to be submitted via the
conference website by 15 April. 

Enquiries: ukfluids2022 at sheffield.ac.uk.   

Website: https://ukfluids2022.sheffield.ac.uk [11] 

In addition, we are pleased to announce that next year's UK Fluids
Conference (2023) will be held at The University of Glasgow, Scotland. 

FROM: Timm Krüger, University of Edinburgh, 11/2/2022 

SUBJECT: Institute of Physics online workshop 'Micro-rheology and
Transport in Complex Biological Media', jointly organised by University
of Edinburgh & University of Manchester 

DATE: 16-18/5/2022 

DETAILS: Web page coming soon; see https://bit.ly/iop-micrheo-abs [12]
for abstract 

FROM: Rich Kerswell, University of Cambridge, 10/2/22 

SUBJECT: IUTAM Symposia (and Summer Schools) for 2024 and 2025 is out. 

DEADLINE: 31/3/22 

DETAILS: The call for IUTAM Symposia (and Summer Schools) for 2024 and
2025 is out. You are encouraged to apply to run an international
symposium.  IUTAM brings prestige and USD 5 000 to help organisation and
running of the meeting.  The precise use of the funds is flexible and
the form is simple to complete.  (See the 2 URLs below).  It would be
great to have a UK presence especially as the current IUTAM president is
Norman Fleck (CUED, Cambridge). https://bit.ly/3GFjvX0
[13]https://bit.ly/3gzkZr8 [14] 

FROM: Lars Davidson, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 8/2/2022

SUBJECT: Online course on LES and DES 

DATE: 27 Jun, 29 Jun, 1 Jul 2022 

DETAILS: http://www.cfd-sweden.se/calc-les/index.html [15] 

FROM: Andrew Bayley, University of Leeds, 2/2/22 

SUBJECT: From Stokesian suspension dynamics to particulate flows in
turbulence- to be held in Toulouse, France 


Physics-informed data-driven multiphase flow approaches - from micro to

George Karniadakis (Brown Univ. Dept. of Applied Math, USA) 

Hidden Fluids Mechanics 

Jeffrey Morris (CCNY Levich Institute - USA) 

Inertial flows of suspensions 

Abstract submissions deadline: 15/3/22 

DATE: August, 29th to September, 2nd 2022 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3rqp5bv [16] 


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FROM: John Chew, University of Bath, 9/3/22 

SUBJECT: SynHiSel - EPSRC Programme Grant: Research Associate - Advanced
characterisation and numerical modelling of membrane separations (Fixed
Term 2 years). 

DETAILS:  https://www.bath.ac.uk/jobs/Vacancy.aspx?ref=CF9205   [17] 

CLOSING DATE: 30/3/22 

FROM: Marat Margulis, Bangor University, 9/3/22 

SUBJECT: The presence of a strong magnetic field in tokamaks leads to
Magneto Hydro Dynamic (MHD) Lorentz force effects, which fundamentally
impact the heat transfer characteristics of a liquid metal flow. There
is very limited experimental data for multiple parallel or crossflow
channels, which are more relevant to the actual breeder blanket design.
The project will provide feedback to existing blanket designs as well as
experimental data for mathematical model validation. The proposed study
is expected to provide a new and deeper understanding of the prediction
of MHD effects on fusion-relevant flows and heat-exchangers and guidance
for increasing thermal performance of blankets, which can improve the
design and viability of fusion reactors. 


DETAILS: https://nubu.nu/ukaea-phd-opportunity/ [18] 

FROM: Melissa Fowler, University of Oxford, 07/03/2022 

SUBJECT: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Applied Mathematics 

TOPIC: Applied Mathematics (Oxford Centre for Industrial and Applied
Mathematics research group) 

DETAILS: https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/node/41445 [19] 
CLOSING DATE: 28/03/2022 

FROM: Duncan Hewitt, University College, London, 7/3/22 

SUBJECT: Fully funded ICASE PhD studentship 

TOPIC: "Pushing the limits of generalized Newtonian fluid constitutive

[20]. SUPERVISOR: Duncan Hewitt, UCL Mathematics, and Mahdi Davoodi,

CLOSING DATE: 10/04/22 

FROM: Matt Turner, University of Surrey, 23/2/22 

SUBJECT: Lecturer in Mathematics (with specialty in fluid mechanics) 

DETAILS:  https://jobs.surrey.ac.uk/Vacancy.aspx?ref=006622 [21] 

CLOSING DATE: 31/3/22 

FROM: Narakorn Srinil, Newcastle University, 22/2/22 

SUBJECT: EPSRC funded PDRA at Newcastle University 

TOPIC: Modelling Offshore Flexible Structure Under Complex Flow 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3h2aa0S [22]  

CLOSING DATE: 21/3/2022 

FROM: Sam Williams, RWE Renewables, 8/2/2022 

TOPIC: Fully-funded project in wind energy modelling with RWE Renewables
& Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems, Germany 

SUBJECT: Benchmarking of numerically modelled datasets for the wind
energy industry 

DETAILS: 6-12 month project for Masters/PhD student, possibly resulting
in Masters thesis - see https://bit.ly/masters-rwe-benchmark [23] for
proposal, and contact sam.williams at rwe.com for further details. 
<https://bit.ly/3ocg7fF> [24] 
CLOSING DATE: 3/4/2022 

FROM: Alex Skillen, The University of Manchester, 31/1/2022 

SUBJECT: PhD opportunity 

TOPIC:  Physics informed deep learning for fusion thermal hydraulics. 

DETAILS:  https://bit.ly/3oklBVL [25] 

CLOSING DATE: 01/7/2022 

FROM: Claire Savy, Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 26/1/22 

SUBJECT:  CDT Fluid Dynamics programme at Leeds 

TOPIC: Ignitability, Quenching and Deflagration-to-Detonation-Transition
of hydrogen-air mixtures   

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3Gj2CkV   [26] 

CLOSING DATE: 31/3/22 

FROM: Claire Savy, Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 26/1/22 

SUBJECT:  CDT Fluid Dynamics programme at Leeds 

TOPIC: Towards Net-Zero Emissions by 2050: From What (Fuels) to How

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3g8H27H   [27] 

CLOSING DATE: 31/3/22 

FROM: Claire Savy, Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 26/1/22 

SUBJECT:  CDT Fluid Dynamics programme at Leeds 

TOPIC: Modelling of complex multiphase solid-liquid flows within the
nuclear industry 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/35j53qA   [28] 

CLOSING DATE: 31/3/22 

FROM: Céline Guervilly, Newcastle University, 26/1/22 

SUBJECT: Postdoctoral position in Fluid Dynamics 

TOPIC: Double-diffusive convection in the stably-stratified layers of
planetary cores 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3r33pSy [29] 

CLOSING DATE: 05/04/2022 

FROM: Toby Wood, Newcastle University, 21/1/22 

SUBJECT: Research Assistant/Associate in Superfluid Dynamics in neutron

TOPIC: The goal of this project is to develop computational models for
the small-scale dynamics of superfluids and magnetic fields inside
neutron stars. 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3GcSKco [30] 
CLOSING DATE: 12/4/22  

FROM: Claire Savy, Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 14/1/2022 

SUBJECT: CDT Fluid Dynamics programme at Leeds - up to 10 places
available for 2022 entry 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/leeds-cdt-2022-places [31] 

CLOSING DATE: 31/3/2022 

FROM: James Sprittles, University of Warwick, 2/12/2021 

SUBJECT: Fully funded PhD Positions within new HetSys Centre for
Doctoral Training at Warwick for October 2022 start 

DETAILS: HetSys (https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/hetsys [32]) is an
EPSRC-supported CDT which will train people to challenge current
state-of-the-art in computational modelling of heterogeneous, real-world
systems across a range of research themes such as nanoscale devices, new
catalysts, superalloys, smart fluids, laser-plasma interactions etc. The
HetSys team are recruiting a new PhD cohort of enthusiastic students
from across the physical sciences who enjoy using their mathematical
skills and thinking flexibly to solve complex problems.  Specific PhDs
in fluid dynamics can be found here:
https://warwick.ac.uk/fac/sci/hetsys/themes/continuum/ [33] 

FROM: Vladimir Nikora, University of Aberdeen, 17/7/2021 

SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents) 

TOPIC: Effect of secondary currents and very large scale motions on
mixing in open-channel flows 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3wV3ozx [34] 
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Vladimir Nikora, University of Aberdeen, 17/7/2021 

SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents) 

TOPIC: Effect of secondary currents and very large scale motions on
water surface dynamics in open-channel flows 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3iAAJe5 [35] 
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Mark Stewart, University of Aberdeen, 14/7/2021 

SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents) 

TOPIC: Hydrodynamic Performance of Billfish Skin Surface Roughness:
Towards Drag-Reducing Engineering Surfaces 

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3hOQq2l [36] 
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Andy Woods, University of Cambridge, 13/7/2021 

SUBJECT: iCASE PhD Opportunity 

TOPIC: Modelling Flow processes in Carbon Sequestration 

DETAILS: This project will involve the development of models of the flow
of carbon dioxide through a saline aquifer as part of the process of
carbon capture and storage to decarbonise large industrial emissions of
CO2. The modelling is directed towards developing approaches to maximise
the pore space accessed by the CO2, so as to improve the efficiency of
the trapping of CO2 in the formation. The project will involve working
with experts in industry involved in developing CCS projects in the
North Sea. 

CLOSING DATE: Contact andy at bpi.cam.ac.uk in the first instance 

FROM: Zhong-Nan Wang, University of Birmingham, 10/11/2021 

SUBJECT: PhD Studentship 

TOPIC: Data-Driven Analysis for Reducing Turbulence Noise using HiFi-CFD

DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3gGCHZF [37] 
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

FROM: Jerome Neufeld, University of Cambridge 

SUBJECT: Postdoctoral position in Earth Sciences / Applied Mathematics
TOPIC: RETURN - fluid dynamics of near wellborn CO2 injection
DETAILS: https://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/33762/ [38]
CLOSING DATE: 26/03/2021 or until filled 

FROM: Jerome Neufeld, University of Cambridge 
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral position in Earth Sciences / Applied Mathematics
TOPIC: GeoCquest - uncertainty quantification in CO2 storage
DETAILS: https://www.jobs.cam.ac.uk/job/33928/ [39]
CLOSING DATE: 8/04/2021 or until filled 

FROM: John Chew, University of Bath 
SUBJECT: Fully (university and industry co-fund) funded 3.5 year PhD
TOPIC: Modelling of flow and sorption processes in personal protective
CLOSING DATE: 30/3/22 

FROM: Kali Wilson, University of Strathclyde 
SUBJECT: Funded PhD studentship 
TOPIC: Vortex dynamics in ultracold quantum mixtures
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3HWjQpA [41]  Start date Oct 2022. Studentship
is fully funded for UK; others please inquire. 
Closing date: Open until filled 

FROM: Marco Pietropaoli <m.pietropaoli at toffeeam.co.uk> 
SUBJECT: Junior and Senior Analyst/CFD engineers. 
TOPIC: Additive Manufacturing 
DETAILS: https://www.toffeeam.co.uk/software/ 
CONTACT: m.pietropaoli at toffeeam.co.uk 

FROM: Zhihua Xie, Cardiff  
SUBJECT: Fully-funded EPSRC DTP Studentship (UK & International) 
TOPIC: Free surface flow-structure interaction
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3JrnUiF [42] 
CLOSING DATE: 31/07/2022 

SUBJECT: Fully funded PhD studentship
DETAILS: LINK [43]. Wind Tunnel testing and high-fidelity CFD
investigation on Stall Flutter and Stall Cells for conventional and
innovative Wing Structures. In collaboration with IDPortal [44].
CLOSING DATE: 15.04.22

SUBJECT: 12-month RA at Swansea University
TOPIC: CFD for Flow Control on Offshore Wind Turbines
DETAILS: LINK [45]. This role considers the simulation of a multi MW
offshore wind turbine with and without flow control devices. A Reynolds
Averaged Navier Stokes solver with incorporated Vortex Generator
modelling will be used. The numerical simulations will be validated
against field measurements for the uncontrolled case and will inform the
positioning of Vortex Generators for the controlled case. Combined
on-site/online working will be considered.
CLOSING DATE: 24.03.22 

SUBJECT: 3-month RA at Swansea University
TOPIC: Wind of Flow Control Devices on Offshore Wind Turbine Aerofoils
DETAILS: LINK [46]. This role considers the understanding of thick
aerofoils, used in the root section of wind turbines. It involves
designing and wind tunnel testing a number of flow control devices on
wind turbine aerofoil sections.
CLOSING DATE: 30.03.22 

FROM: Mark Stewart, University of Aberdeen, 14/7/21
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents)
TOPIC: Hydrodynamics of Billfish Skin Surface Roughness
CLOSING DATE: Open until filled 

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