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FROM: Nick Daish, 20/10/2022
SUBJECT: New UKFN platform for fluids seminar recordings
DETAILS: The UK Fluids Network has set up an online resource for hosting
recordings of UK fluids seminars, https://cassyni.com/s/ukfn, using the
Cassyni platform, where 

 	* the video transcript and slides are searchable
 	* there are pop-up links to the pdfs of papers cited in the talk
 	* each recording is assigned a DOI

The UKFN series on Cassyni will gather seminars of interest to the UK
fluids community. We are now soliciting contributions. If your
institution or department has recordings of seminars that may be of
interest, please email Nick Daish (ncd1 at cam.ac.uk) with an outline of
the material. There is currently an all-time limit of 20 recordings from
a given department or group. 

FROM: Nick Daish, 13/10/2022
SUBJECT: New section for newsletter - online talks
DETAILS: We have introduced a new section to the newsletter, where the
fluids community can advertise current series of seminars that are
accessible online via Zoom, Teams, etc. If you are running such a series
of fluids seminars and would like to publicize it more widely, please
email the following information to info at fluids.ac.uk: 

 	* Name of series
 	* Department or group running series
 	* Normal day and time for seminars
 	* Details of how to join a seminar, e.g. a link to a web page where
instructions are given

There is an example below showing how the information is formatted. 



FROM: Stephen Longshaw, Science and Technology Facilities Council,
SUBJECT: Invitation to participate in the next CCP-WSI Blind Test
DETAILS: The Collaborative Computational Project on Wave Structure
Interaction (CCP-WSI) have just released the next in their series of
blind test challenges. Full details can be found on their website [1]
but contributions to a special session at the 2023 ISOPE conference [2]
are invited. Please refer to the website for full details and primary
contact details but this blind test challenges the simulation of a
complex Fluid Structure Interaction problem involving a submerged
flexible thin membrane clamped horizontally and subjected to different
wave patterns.  

FROM: Rasool Erfani, Manchester Metropolitan University, 29/09/2022
SUBJECT: Special Issue 'Flow Control Actuators and Their Diverse Fluid
Dynamic Applications'
DEADLINE: 20/01/2023
DETAILS: Most studies involving flow control tend to focus on the
understanding of flow physics caused by devices and on the optimization
of the performances of these devices. In addition to aerodynamics, these
actuators have been used for different settings. We invite investigators
to contribute original research articles and review articles addressing
flow control actuators that facilitate advances in aircraft use or
introduce new horizons for their applications. More information may be
found here [3]. 


FROM: Andrew Baggaley, Newcastle University, 13/10/2022
NAME OF SERIES: UK Quantum Webinar Series
ORGANISERS: Newcastle, Strathclyde, UEA, Lancaster
SCHEDULED TIME: Tuesday at 16:00 (UK)
HOW TO JOIN: See https://uk-quantum-fluids-network.github.io/webinars/ -
contact an organiser (see list at bottom of the above web page) and
we'll add you to the mailing list. 


FROM: Stephen Longshaw, Science and Technology Facilities Council,
SUBJECT: Online workshop around the Mathematical Theory of Coupling
Methods for PDEs
DATE: 22-23 November 2022
DETAILS: As part of a cross-cutting project around code coupling within
the wider ExCALIBUR [4] exascale software and hardware programme, an
online workshop is being held on the 22nd and 23rd of November that will
look at the cutting edge of theory around creating coupling
methodologies for PDE-based problems. The event is free but registration
[5] is required. 

FROM: Vivek Ranade, University of Limerick, 09/10/2022
SUBJECT: CFD Symposium at  World Chemical Engineering Congress 11
DATE: 4-8 June 2023
DETAILS: The scope of the symposium covers the application of CFD in
chemical processes, process design, optimization and also new emerging
CFD technologies. Note that although the conference is not until June
2023, abstract submission deadline is 30/11/2022. For further
information, please see the symposium website [6] and this flier [7]. 

FROM: Helen Freeman, Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics, 06/10/2022
SUBJECT: Workshop 'Data-driven methods in fluid mechanics'
DATE: 12-13 December 2022
DETAILS: This conference, hosted by Leeds Institute for Fluid Dynamics,
is devoted to the discussion of data-driven methods in all branches of
fluid dynamics for a range of applications. Contributed presentations
(talks and posters) will be accepted on both methods/algorithms and
applications. More info on the conference and how to submit an abstract
for a presentation are here [8]. Abstract deadline is 30/10/2022. You
can now book for this event by following this link [9].   

FROM: Sergey Lishchuk, TU Berlin, 04/10/2022
SUBJECT: IOP Advanced School in Liquids and Complex Fluids
DATE: 5-8 December 2022
DETAILS: This will take place at Sheffield Hallam University. The School
website is here [10]. Abstract submission deadline is 6/11/2022;
registration deadline is 20/11/2022.  

FROM: Emiliano Renzi, Loughborough University, 28/09/2022
SUBJECT: Symposium in honour of Prof. F. Dias' 60th birthday
DATE: 27-29 October 2022
DETAILS: This 3-day symposium at Loughborough University is to celebrate
the work of Prof. Frederic Dias, who will turn 60 this year. Frederic is
an internationally leading mathematician who has given an outstanding
contribution to mathematical fluid dynamics in the past 30 years.
The Symposium is open to mathematicians and scientists interested in
applied mathematics to fluid dynamics. In-person attendance is limited
to 45 people, remote attendance via MS Teams is possible. More
information and booking may be found here [11]. 

FROM: Chris Ness, University of Edinburgh, 13/09/2022
SUBJECT: Formative Formulation 3 - an early career event for formulation
scientists in academia & industry
DATE: 9 December 2022, 08:30-16:00 GMT
DETAILS: Formulation scientists combine fluid mechanics, soft matter
physics and chemistry to generate valuable products from raw materials.
Formative Formulation 3 is a conference and networking event for EARLY
CAREER formulation scientists. It is a platform for sharing scientific
work and developing your professional network. The meeting will be held
at the University of Edinburgh; further details are here [12].  


FROM: Halim Kusumaatmaja, Bio-Inspired and Smart Surfaces, 22/09/2022
SUBJECT: Workshop on 'Bio-Inspired and Smart Surfaces' & ECR Event
DATE: 14-15 November 2022
DETAILS: Registration is open for the next SIG meeting to be held at
Durham University. Day 1 is dedicated to research talks from invited
speakers, as well as talk and poster contributions from Early Career
Researchers. Day 2 is dedicated to Early Career Researcher careers.
There will be 6-8 talks from academics and non-academics alike, to
ensure there is a breadth of career options covered, and dedicated time
for networking and informal discussions. More info on the meeting and
how to submit an abstract for a presentation can be found here [13].
Abstract deadline is 31/10/2022.

FROM: Svetlana Aleksandrova, Particulate Matter Filtration Flows,
SUBJECT: Invitation to speakers for next SIG meeting
DETAILS: Speakers are invited for the next meeting of Special Interest
Group on Particulate Matter Filtration Flows. This is expected to take
place at the University of Nottingham later this year (dates to be
confirmed). The focus of the meeting is going to be environmental
Particular Matter flows (in particular, in urban environments). If you
would like to present at the meeting, or would like us to invite someone
who works in this area, please contact Humberto Medina
(Humberto.Medina at nottingham.ac.uk) or myself (csy092 at coventry.ac.uk).
Please also contact me if you would like to be added to the SIG mailing


FROM: Nicholas Treleaven, Safran Group, 11/10/2022
SUBJECT: Two 3-year PhD studentships working in France, starting January
TOPIC: Turbulent combustion of hydrogen for aircraft propulsion (project
DETAILS: Seeking two candidates: (1) an experimental project aimed at
measuring the emission of NOx in turbulent hydrogen flames using laser
diagnostics, located at Paris-Saclay and (2) building turbulent
combustion models for hydrogen-air flames from high resolution DNS and
LES simulations, located at Poitiers. Candidates will preferably have
experience with laser diagnostics for (1) or high performance computing
for (2) with the usual preference for those with a background in fluid
mechanics, combustion or related fields. Follow these links for
descriptions of the positions (1) [14] and (2) [15].
CLOSING DATE: Open till filled, but looking for students who can start
early 2023. 

FROM: Kirsty Wan, University of Exeter, 27/09/2022
SUBJECT: Fully-funded 4-year PhD Studentship (MRC GW4 BioMed DTP,
2023/24 entry)
TOPIC: Mapping pathogen transport and retention near ciliated surfaces
DETAILS: Apply here [16].
CLOSING DATE: 02/11/2022 

FROM: Chris Stafford, University of Brighton, 22/09/2022
SUBJECT: Fully-funded PhD studentship (UK Residents)
TOPIC: Modelling the air induction process in a split cycle engine
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3sJzEqq
CLOSING DATE: 30/10/2022 

FROM: Jack King, University of Manchester, 12/08/2022
SUBJECT: Fully Funded PhD Studentship (European/UK only)
TOPIC: Accelerating mesh-free combustion simulations with machine
CLOSING DATE: Open till filled 

FROM: Andy Woods, University of Cambridge, 06/07/2022
SUBJECT: PhD Opportunity at BP Institute
TOPIC: Modelling electrolysis and bubble growth dynamics
DETAILS: We are excited to announce a new PhD opportunity in modelling
the generation, growth and separation of bubbles from an electrode
during hydrogen generation by electrolysis. The PhD will involve
experimental and theoretical modelling to quantify the rate limiting
factors on the process.
CLOSING DATE: Contact andy at bpi.cam.ac.uk in the first instance. Please
apply through the University of Cambridge Board of Graduate Studies. 

FROM: Ed Llewellin, Durham University, 24/06/2022
SUBJECT: 4-year PhD studentship in Mathematical Sciences DTP
TOPIC: Formation, maturation, and failure of viscosity-stabilized foams:
application to volcanic eruptions
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/phd-dur-volc-foam
CLOSING DATE: Email ed.llewellin at durham.ac.uk as soon as possible.
Starts Oct 2022. 

FROM: Zhong-Nan Wang, University of Birmingham, 10/11/2021
SUBJECT: PhD Studentship
TOPIC: Data-Driven Analysis for Reducing Turbulence Noise using HiFi-CFD
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/3gGCHZF
CLOSING DATE: Open till filled 


FROM: Jacques Vanneste, University of Edinburgh, 17/10/2022
SUBJECT: Flora Philip Fellowship
TOPIC: Mathematical Sciences
DETAILS: This 4-year fellowship supports early-career postdoctoral
researchers from backgrounds that are under-represented in the
mathematical community (e.g. gender, minority ethnicity, disability,
disadvantaged circumstances, etc.). The fellowship provides a supportive
environment for early-career researchers to develop their research and
prepare themselves for future independent roles in academia and beyond.
Full details may be found at https://bit.ly/3D330Fr.
CLOSING DATE: 24/11/2022 

FROM: Melissa Fowler, University of Oxford, 17/10/2022
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral Research Associate in Mathematical Institute
TOPIC: Machine Learning and Computational Fluid Dynamics
DETAILS: https://www.maths.ox.ac.uk/node/61510
CLOSING DATE: 07/12/2022 

FROM: Mark Brend, Loughborough University, 14/10/2022
SUBJECT: PDRA in National Centre for Combustion and Aerothermal
TOPIC: Experimental Hydrogen Micro-Mix Combustion
DETAILS: This exciting EPSRC-funded project seeks to improve fundamental
understanding of the mixing and combustion processes involved in
micro-mix combustion. Full details here [17]. 
CLOSING DATE: 31/10/2022. Informal enquiries to Dr Mark Brend
(m.brend at lboro.ac.uk). 

FROM: Mirco Magnini, University of Nottingham, 10/10/2022
SUBJECT: EPSRC-funded Research Assistant or Associate/Fellow position
(12 months)
TOPIC: Numerical simulation of flow boiling in microchannels
DETAILS: This research aims to investigate the fundamental aspects of
flow boiling in confined channels, from nucleation to thin film
formation to dryout and critical heat flux, by developing ad-hoc
numerical methods within the open-source toolbox OpenFOAM and exploiting
the built-in libraries for interface-resolved liquid-vapour flows with
surface tension and phase change. It also foresees potential extensions
with phase field methods and multiscale coupling with a
molecular-dynamics solver. Full details and the link for applications
may be found here [18].
CLOSING DATE: 09/11/2022  

FROM: Ling Qian, Manchester Metropolitan University, 10/10/2022
SUBJECT: 12-month Postdoc position in CFD
TOPIC: Optimising the OpenFOAM overset mesh solver for complex wave
structure interaction simulations
DETAILS: https://bit.ly/mmu-pdra-cfd-22
CLOSING DATE: 27/10/2022  

FROM: Xinyan Wang, Brunel University London, 07/10/2022
SUBJECT: Postdoctoral Research Fellow / Research Assistant
TOPIC: CFD modelling studies of fuel injection and combustion process of
alternative fuels
CLOSING DATE: 03/11/2022  

FROM: Vahid Niasar, University of Manchester, 22/09/2022
SUBJECT: 30-month PDRA position in Department of Chemical Engineering &
Analytical Science
TOPIC: Lattice-Boltzmann Modelling of CO2-Brine flow in porous media and
salt precipitation
CLOSING DATE: 24/10/2022  


FROM: Esther García-Tuñón, University of Liverpool, 12/10/2022
SUBJECT: Lectureship in Department of Mechanical, Materials and
Aerospace Engineering
TOPIC: Soft matter/Complex fluids
DETAILS: We seek to appoint a highly motivated, research-focused
individual as a Lecturer to expand and complement our multi-disciplinary
research portfolio in Soft Matter and Complex Fluids in materials
processing in the Department of Mechanical, Materials and Aerospace
Engineering. We welcome applications from candidates with either an
experimental or theory/simulation focus on soft matter and related areas
(such as colloids, formulation, ceramics, or food processing among
others). All the details are here [19].
CLOSING DATE: 04/11/2022  

FROM: Nilanjan Chakraborty, Newcastle University, 09/10/2022
SUBJECT: Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering
DETAILS: Full details are here [20]. Strong researchers with expertise
in machine learning applications in fluid dynamics are of particular
CLOSING DATE: 06/11/2022 


FROM: Tim Foat, Dstl, 19/10/2022
SUBJECT: Mathematical modeller in the Dispersion Science and Software
TOPIC: Modelling of gas/aerosol dispersion to provide advice on the
chemical or biological hazard
DETAILS: Full details may be found here [21].
CLOSING DATE: 06/11/2022 

FROM: Marco Pietropaoli, TOffeeAM, 18/08/2022
SUBJECT: Junior and Senior positions in (a) CFD and (b) Machine Learning
TOPIC: Additive Manufacturing
DETAILS: The following positions are available at TOffeeAM. 

(a) CFD positions
Junior CFD Analyst / Software Developer [22], Senior CFD Analyst /
Software Developer [23]
Contact: m.pietropaoli at toffeeam.co.uk  

(b) Machine Learning positions
Machine Learning Engineer [24], Senior Machine Learning Engineer [25]
Contact: a.gaymann at toffeeam.co.uk  

CLOSING DATE: Open till filled 


[1] https://ccp-wsi.ac.uk/events/blind_test_workshops/series_4/
[2] https://www.isope.org/
[3] https://www.mdpi.com/journal/actuators/special_issues/I7G5SHGX2A
[4] https://excalibur.ac.uk/
[6] https://www.wcce11.org/wc/je/cfd/cfd-symposium.php?#3
[7] https://fluids.ac.uk/files/WCCE11-flier.1665389089.pdf
[10] https://iop.eventsair.com/aslcf2022/
[11] https://placings.lboro.ac.uk/events/fd60/
[12] https://www.rsc.org/events/detail/74534/formative-formulation-3
[14] https://fluids.ac.uk/files/1_PhD_LaserDiagnostics.1665523583.pdf
[16] https://www.exeter.ac.uk/study/funding/award/?id=4514
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